Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
A Framework for Digital Forensic Science DFRWS USA 2004 Mark Pollitt
A Framework of Distributed Agent-based Network Forensics System DFRWS USA 2004 Ren Wei
A Hierarchical, Objectives-Based Framework for the Digital Investigations Process DFRWS USA 2004 Nicole Beebe, Ph.D., Jan Clark
An Event-Based Digital Forensic Investigation Framework DFRWS USA 2004 Brian Carrier (Honorary Board Member) , Ph.D., Prof. Eugene Spafford
Assured Information Security - Stego Intrusion Detection System DFRWS USA 2004 Mike Sieffert, Rodney Forbes, Charles Green, Leonard Popyack, Thomas Blake
BBN Systems - Adversary Modeling to Develop Forensic Observables DFRWS USA 2004 John Lowry, Rico Valdez, Brad Wood
Breaking the Performance Wall - The Case for Distributed Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2004 Vassil Roussev, Ph.D., Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Forensics for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection DFRWS USA 2004 Ian Bryant
Forensics, Fighter Pilots and the OODA Loop - The Role of Digital Forensics in Cyber Command and Control DFRWS USA 2004 Heather Dussault, Chet Maciag
Honeynet Data Analysis - A Technique For Correlating Sebek And Network Data DFRWS USA 2004 Edward Balas
Honeynets and Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2004 Lance Spitzner
How to Reuse Knowledge about Forensic Investigations DFRWS USA 2004 Danilo Bruschi, Mattia Monga, Lorenzo Martignoni
MITRE - Proposal to Formalize Test and Evaluation Activities Within the Forensic and Law Enforcement Communities DFRWS USA 2004 Mark Hirsh
Secure Digital Camera DFRWS USA 2004 Paul Blythe, Jessica Fridrich
The Enhanced Digital Investigation Process Model DFRWS USA 2004 Venansius Baryamureeba, Florence Tushabe