Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
Memory Based Dynamic Malware Analysis DFRWS USA 2017 Endre Bangerter, Jonas Wagner
Pull It Together: Enabling Interoperability of Digital Forensic Systems Using a Standard Representation and Supporting API DFRWS USA 2017 Sean Barnum, Ryan Griffith
SCADA Network Forensics of the PCCC Protocol DFRWS USA 2017 Saranyan Senthivel, Irfan Ahmed, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
SCARF: A Container-Based Approach to Cloud-Scale Digital Forensic Processing DFRWS USA 2017 Christopher Stelly, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
Time-of-Recording Estimation for Audio Recordings DFRWS USA 2017 Lilei Zheng, Ying Zhang, Chien Eao Lee, Vrizlynn Thing
Track 1: A Light Introduction to Linux Malware Analysis Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Adam Pridgen
Track 1: Modern Password Cracking Systems Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Sudhir Aggarwal, Shiva Houshmand
Track 2: Rekall Everywhere - DFIR in the Cloud Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Michael Cohen
Track 2: SMS Recovery From NAND Memory of Erased eMMC Chip Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Sasha Sheremetov
Use of Generalized Hough Transform on Interpretation of Memory Dumps DFRWS USA 2017 Paulo Roberto Nunes de Souza, Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D.
Virtualization-Based Security: A Forensics Perspective DFRWS USA 2017 Jason Hale
AFEIC: Advanced Forensic Ext4 Inode Carving DFRWS EU 2017 Andreas Dewald, Sabine Seufert
Behavioral Service Graphs: A Formal Data-Driven Approach for Prompt Investigation of Enterprise and Internet-Wide Infections DFRWS EU 2017 Elias Bou-Harb, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D.
Bit-Errors as a Source of Forensic Information in NAND Flash Memory DFRWS EU 2017 Jan Peter van Zandwijk
Building Forensics Tools in Go Workshop (Part 1) DFRWS EU 2017 Joe Sylve, Ph.D., Vico Marziale, Ph.D.
Characterizing Loss of Forensic Information due to Abstraction Layers DFRWS EU 2017 Felix Freiling, Thomas Glanzmann, Hans Reiser
Chip Off Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Sasha Sheremetov
Do Digital Investigators Have To Program? A Controlled Experiment in Digital Investigation DFRWS EU 2017 Felix Freiling, Christian Zoubek
eMMC Chip Off – Benefits and Risks Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Martin Westman
Evidence Gathering for Network Security and Forensics DFRWS EU 2017 Dinil Mon Divakaran, Kar Wai Fok, Ido Nevat, Vrizlynn Thing
EviPlant: An Efficient Digital Forensic Challenge Creation, Manipulation and Distribution Solution DFRWS EU 2017 Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Xiaoyu Du, David Lillis
Force Open: Lightweight Black Box File Repair DFRWS EU 2017 Karl Wust, Petar Tsankov, Sasa Radomirovic, Mohammad Torabi Dashti
Forensic Analysis of Deduplicated File Systems DFRWS EU 2017 Dario Lanterna, Antonio Barili
Forensic Artifacts in Windows 10 Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Roman Locher
Hands-on Introduction to MattockFS Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Rob Meijer
Improving the Reliability of Chip-Off Forensic Analysis of NAND Flash Memory Devices DFRWS EU 2017 Aya Fukami, Saugata Ghose, Yixin Luo, Yu Cai, Onur Mutlu
Introduction to Digital Forensic Prolog Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D.
Network Forensic Investigation in OpenFlow Networks with ForCon DFRWS EU 2017 Daniel Spiekermann, Jorg Keller, Tobias Eggendorfer
Picking Up the Trash: Exploiting Generational GC for Memory Analysis DFRWS EU 2017 Adam Pridgen, Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D., Dan Wallach
Selective Deletion of Non-Relevant Data DFRWS EU 2017 Christian Zoubek, Konstantin Sack
A practical approach to analyze smartphone backup data as a digital evidence DFRWS USA 2016 Jaehyeok Han, Sangjin Lee
Anti-forensics: Furthering digital forensic science through a new extended, granular taxonomy DFRWS USA 2016 Kevin Conlan, Ibrahim Baggili, Frank Breitinger
BinGold: Towards Robust Binary Analysis by Extracting the Semantics of Binary Code as Semantic Flow Graphs (SFGs) DFRWS USA 2016 Saed Alrabaee, Lingyu Wang, Mourad Debbabi
Coding Digital Forensics Tools in Go Workshop (part 1) DFRWS USA 2016 Lodovico Marziale, Joe Sylve, Ph.D.
Coding Digital Forensics Tools in Go Workshop (part 2) DFRWS USA 2016 Lodovico Marziale, Joe Sylve, Ph.D.
CuFA: a more formal definition for digital forensic artifacts DFRWS USA 2016 Vikram Harichandran, Daniel Walnycky, Ibrahim Baggili, Frank Breitinger
Data Sets Available from the National Software Reference Library DFRWS USA 2016 Douglas White
Database Image Content Explorer: Carving Data That Does Not Officially Exist DFRWS USA 2016 James Wagner, Alexander Rasin, Jonathan Grier
dbling: Identifying Extensions Installed on Encrypted Web Thin Clients DFRWS USA 2016 Mike Mabey, Adam Doupe, Ziming Zhao, Gail-Joon Ahn
Deleting collected digital evidence by exploiting a widely adopted hardware write blocker DFRWS USA 2016 Christopher Meffert, Ibrahim Baggili, Frank Breitinger
Detecting Objective-C Malware Through Memory Forensics DFRWS USA 2016 Andrew Case, Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Digital Forensics as a Service: an update DFRWS USA 2016 Harm van Beek
Fingerprinting Android Packaging: Generating DNAs for Malware Detection DFRWS USA 2016 ElMouatez Billah Karbab, Mourad Debbabi, Djedjiga Mouheb
Forensic investigations in SDN networks DFRWS USA 2016 Izzat Alsmadi, Samer Khamaiseh
Hands-On With Open Source Similarity Digests DFRWS USA 2016 Jon Oliver
IED Forensics: Hunting the IED Engineer DFRWS USA 2016 Larry Leibrock
InVEST: Intelligent Visual Email Search and Triage DFRWS USA 2016 Jay Koven, Enrico Bertini, Luke Dubois, Nasir Memon
PeekaTorrent: Leveraging P2P Hash Values for Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2016 Sebastian Neuner, Martin Schmiedecker, Edgar Weippl
Practical Analyzing the Relation of Wallet Addresses in Bitcoin DFRWS USA 2016 Hiroki Kuzuno, Christian Karam
Rapid differential forensic imaging of mobile devices DFRWS USA 2016 Mark Guido, Justin Grover, Jonathan Buttner
Rapid, Agentless, and Scalable Forensics and Incident Response Using WARDEN DFRWS USA 2016 Adam Meily, Sean LaPlante, Richard Gloo
Recovery method of deleted records and tables from ESE Database DFRWS USA 2016 Kim Jeonghyeon, Park Aran, Lee Sangjin
Recovery of Heavily Fragmented JPEG Files DFRWS USA 2016 Yanbin Tang, Junbin Fang, K.P. Chow, Siu Ming, Jun Xu, Bo Feng, Qiong Li, Qi Han
Robust Bootstrapping Memory Analysis against Anti-forensics DFRWS USA 2016 Kyoungho Lee, Hyunuk Hwang, Kibom Kim, Bongnam Noh
Table Topping for Incident and Data Breach Response DFRWS USA 2016 Brian Roux
Time is on my side: Steganography in filesystem metadata DFRWS USA 2016 Sebastian Neuner, Artemios Voyiatzis, Martin Schmiedecker, Stefan Brunthaler, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Edgar Weippl
Using GRR and Rekall for Scalable Memory Analysis (part 1) DFRWS USA 2016 Michael Cohen
Using GRR and Rekall for Scalable Memory Analysis (part 2) DFRWS USA 2016 Michael Cohen
A Method and a Case Study for the Selection of the Best Available Tool for Mobile Device Forensics Using Decision Analysis DFRWS EU 2016 Shahzad Saleem, Oliver Popov, Ibrahim Baggili
A Scalable Authorship Verification Method for Different Languages, Genres and Topics DFRWS EU 2016 Oren Halvani, Christian Winter, Anika Pflug
Automatic Profile Generation For Live Linux Memory Analysis DFRWS EU 2016 Michael Cohen, Arkadiusz Socala
Conclusions Scales or Likelihood Ratios in Digital Forensic Science DFRWS EU 2016 Eoghan Casey - Moderator, Zeo Geradts, Alex Biedermann, Franco Taroni
Digital Evidence, 'Absence' of Data and Ambiguous Patterns of Reasoning DFRWS EU 2016 Alex Biedermann, Joëlle Vuille
Discovering Windows Phone 8 Artifacts and Secrets DFRWS EU 2016 Mattia Epifani, Francesco Picasso, Marco Scarito
Evaluating Atomicity and Integrity of Correct Memory Acquisition Methods DFRWS EU 2016 Michael Gruhn, Felix Freiling
Evidence Exchange between Courts in Europe: A standard proposal to be discussed DFRWS EU 2016 Mariangela Biasiotti, Mattia Epifani, Fabrizio Turchi, J. Deprez, N. Matskanis
Facilitating Forensic Examinations of Multi-User Computer Environments through Session-to-Session Analysis of Internet History DFRWS EU 2016 David Gresty, Diane Gan, George Loukas, Constantinos Ierotheou
Forensic Analysis of Cloud-Native Artifacts DFRWS EU 2016 Vassil Roussev, Ph.D., Shane McCulley
Forensic Investigation of Cyberstalking Cases using Behavioural Evidence Analysis DFRWS EU 2016 Noora Al Mutawa, Joanne Bryce, Virginia Franqueira, Andrew Marrington
Fun with the Beast: Traffic Mining (TM) using Brain and Tranalyzer. Part 1: Fundamentals of Traffic Mining DFRWS EU 2016 Stefan Burschka
Fun with the Beast: Traffic Mining (TM) using Brain and Tranalyzer. Part 2: Using Tranalyzer DFRWS EU 2016 Stefan Burschka
Generic RAID Reassembly using Block-Level Entropy DFRWS EU 2016 Christian Zoubek, Sabine Seufert, Andreas Dewald
Internet Forums: A Source of Intelligence to Monitor the Online Diffusion of Doping Products DFRWS EU 2016 Thomas Pineau, Adrien Schopfer, Lionel Grossrieder, Pierre Esseiva, Quentin Rossy
Lest We Forget: Cold-Boot Attacks on Scrambled DDR3 Memory DFRWS EU 2016 Johannes Bauer, Michael Gruhn, Felix Freiling
Life on Clouds, A Forensics Overview DFRWS EU 2016 Marco Scarito, Mattia Epifani, Francesco Picasso
Microsoft Exchange Forensics: Looking Beyond User Data DFRWS EU 2016 Owen O'Connor
Plaso Parser Workshop DFRWS EU 2016 Daniel White
Pool Tag: Quick Scanning for Windows Memory Analysis DFRWS EU 2016 Joe Sylve, Ph.D., Vico Marziale, Ph.D., Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Sponsored Tutorial: Analysis of Deleted Data DFRWS EU 2016 Roman Locher
Sponsored Tutorial: Windows Event Log Analysis - Gathering great information the easy way! DFRWS EU 2016 Roman Locher
Study and Analysis of Orweb Anonymizer on Android Devices DFRWS EU 2016 Claudia Meda, Mattia Epifani
Studying the Structure and Organisation of Illicit Drug Trafficking on Darknet Markets Through the Analysis of Digital, Chemical and Physical Traces DFRWS EU 2016 Damien Rhumorbarbe, Ludovic Staehli, Julian Broséus, Quentin Rossy, Pierre Esseiva
The Digital Evidence Dashboard Project DFRWS EU 2016 Hans Henseler, Ph.D., Adrie Stander
Tiered Forensic Methodology Model for Digital Field Triage by Non-Digital Evidence Specialists DFRWS EU 2016 Ben Hitchcock, Nhien An Le Khac, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D.
TLSkex: Harnessing Virtual Machine Introspection for Decrypting TLS Communication DFRWS EU 2016 Benjamin Taubmann, Christoph Freidrich, Dominik Dusold, Hans Reiser
Virtual Currencies DFRWS EU 2016 André Fischer, Jakob Hasse, Thomas Gloe
2016 DFRWS Challenge DFRWS USA 2015 Michael McCarrin, Brian Greunke, Robert Beverly, Ph.D.
Advancing Mac OS X Rootkit Detection DFRWS USA 2015 Andrew Case, Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Archival Science, Digital Forensics, and New Media Art DFRWS USA 2015 Dianne Dietrich, Frank Adelstein, Ph.D.
Automatic Classification of Object Code Using Machine Learning DFRWS USA 2015 John Clemens
BinComp: A Stratified Approach to Compiler Provenance Attribution DFRWS USA 2015 Saed Alrabaee, Paria Shirani, Mourad Debbabi, Ashkan Rahimian, Lingyu Wang
Bitcurator: Redacting and providing access to data from disk images DFRWS USA 2015 Christopher Lee, Kam Woods
Creating Forensics Tools in Go DFRWS USA 2015 Vico Marziale, Ph.D., Joe Sylve, Ph.D.
Database Forensic Analysis Through Internal Structure Carving DFRWS USA 2015 James Wagner, Alexander Rasin, Jonathan Grier
Detecting Very Large Sets Of Referenced Files At 40:100 Gbe, Especially Mp4 Files DFRWS USA 2015 Adrien Larbanet, Jonas Lerebours, Jean Pierre David
E-mail Authorship Attribution Using Customized Associative Classification DFRWS USA 2015 Michael Schmid, Farkhund Iqbal, Benjamin Fung
Federated Testing: Shared Test Materials from the CFTT Program at NIST DFRWS USA 2015 Ben Livelsberger, James Lyle
Finding your naughty BITS DFRWS USA 2015 Matthew Geiger
Graph-Theoretic Characterization of Cyber-threat Infrastructures DFRWS USA 2015 Amine Boukhtouta, Djedjiga Mouheb, Mourad Debbabi, Omar Alfandi, Farkhund Iqbal, May El Barachi
GRR Rapid Response, Part 1 DFRWS USA 2015 Greg Castle