Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
Automated Forensic Analysis of Mobile Applications on Android Devices DFRWS USA 2018 Xiaodong Lin, Ph.D., Ting Chen, Tong Zhu, Kun Yang, Fengguo Wei
CGC Monitor: A Vetting System for the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge DFRWS USA 2018 Michael Thompson, Timothy Vidas
Adding APFS Support to The Sleuthkit Framework DFRWS USA 2018 Joe Sylve, Ph.D.
Analyzing the DarkNetMarkets Subreddit for Evolutions of Tools and Trends Using LDA Topic Modeling DFRWS USA 2018 Kyle Porter
Android Forensics and Reverse Engineering (Part 1) DFRWS USA 2018 Trevor Haigh, Frank Breitinger
Android Forensics and Reverse Engineering (Part 2) DFRWS USA 2018 Trevor Haigh, Frank Breitinger
Damaged Device Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Steve Watson
Deep Learning at the Shallow End: Malware Classification for Non-Domain Experts DFRWS USA 2018 Quan Le, Oisin Boydell, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D.
Digital Forensic Investigation of Two-Way Radio Communication Equipment and Services DFRWS USA 2018 Arie Kouwen, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Nhien An Le Khac
DroidKex: Fast Extraction of Ephemeral TLS Keys from the Memory of Android Apps DFRWS USA 2018 Benjamin Taubmann, Omar Al Abduljaleel, Hans Reiser
Drone Forensics Program DFRWS USA 2018 Steve Watson
Examining Recent Advances in Chip-Off for Mobile Device Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Steve Watson
Experience Constructing the Artifact Genome Project (AGP): Managing the Domain's Knowledge One Artifact at a Time DFRWS USA 2018 Cinthya Grajeda Mendez, Laura Sanchez, Ibrahim Baggili, Devon Clark, Frank Breitinger
Forensic Analysis of Multiple Device BTRFS Configurations Using The Sleuth Kit DFRWS USA 2018 Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Martin Lambertz, Shujian Yang
Getting Saucy with APFS! - The State of Apple’s New File System DFRWS USA 2018 Sarah Edwards
IoT 4n6: The Growing Impact of IoT on Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Jessica Hyde
Leveraging Relocations in Kernel ELF-binaries for Linux Kernel Version Identification DFRWS USA 2018 Manish Bhatt, Irfan Ahmed
Linux Memory Forensics Part 1 DFRWS USA 2018 Hal Pomeranz
Linux Memory Forensics Part 2 DFRWS USA 2018 Hal Pomeranz
Memory Forensics and the Windows Subsystem for Linux DFRWS USA 2018 Nathan Lewis, Andrew Case, Aisha Ali-Gombe, Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Multinomial Malware Classification Via Low-level Features DFRWS USA 2018 Sergii Banin, Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn
Plaso: The Missing Manual (Part 1) DFRWS USA 2018 Mark Hallman
Plaso: The Missing Manual (Part 2) DFRWS USA 2018 Mark Hallman
Reconstructing Streamed Video Content: A Case Study on YouTube and Facebook Live Stream Content in the Chrome Web Browser Cache DFRWS USA 2018 Graeme Horsman
Turbinia: Automation of Forensic Processing in the Cloud DFRWS USA 2018 Thomas Chopitea, Aaron Peterson
Using Santa to Augment Forensic Investigations DFRWS USA 2018 James Nettesheim, Gary Brown
Was the 2016 Election Hacked? Your Forensic Expertise is Needed! DFRWS USA 2018 Suzanne Mello-Stark
Welcome pwn: Almond Smart Home Hub Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Akshay Awasthi, Huw Read, Iain Sutherland, Konstantinos Xynos
Who Watches the Watcher? Detecting Hypervisor Introspection from Unprivileged Guests DFRWS USA 2018 Tomasz Tuzel, Mark Bridgman, Joshua Zepf
A Comparative Study on Data Protection Legislations and Government Standards to Implement Digital Forensic Readiness as Legal Requirement DFRWS EU 2018 Sungmi Park, Nikolay Akatyev, Donghyun Kim, Jisoo Hwang, Woonseon Yoo, Hyunwoo Shin, Changhee Han, Kim Jong Hyun, Yunsik Jake Jang
A Standardized Corpus for SQLite Database Forensics DFRWS EU 2018 Sven Schmitt, Felix Freiling, Sebastian Nemetz
Advanced Acquisition & Analysis with the AFF4 DFRWS EU 2018 Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
Anti-Forensics in ext4: On Secrecy and Usability of Timestamp-Based Data Hiding DFRWS EU 2018 Thomas Göbel, Harald Baier
Building Stack Traces From Memory Dump of Windows x64 DFRWS EU 2018 Yuto Otsuki, Yuhei Kawakoya, Makoto Iwamura, Jun Miyoshi, Kazuhiko Ohkubo
CASE Technical Implementation Workshop DFRWS EU 2018 Eoghan Casey, Ph.D., Ryan Griffith, Harm van Beek, Erwin van Eijk, Jared Stroud
Controlled Experiments in Digital Evidence Tampering DFRWS EU 2018 Felix Freiling, Leonhard Hösch
Data-Driven Approach for Automatic Telephony Threat Analysis and Campaign Detection DFRWS EU 2018 Houssem Eddine Bordjiba, ElMouatez Billah Karbab, Mourad Debbabi
Decision-Theoretic File Carver for Triage Situations DFRWS EU 2018 Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D.
Educating Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers  in the Use of Digital Forensic Experts DFRWS EU 2018 Hans Henseler, Ph.D., Sophie Van Loenhout
Forensic Framework to Identify Local vs Synced Artifacts DFRWS EU 2018 Jacques Boucher, Nhien An Le Khac
Forensicating the Apple TV DFRWS EU 2018 Mattia Epifani, Claudia Meda
Forensics Acquisition - Analysis and Circumvention of Samsung Secure Boot Enforced Common Criteria Mode DFRWS EU 2018 Gunnar Alendal, Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn, Stefan Axelsson
Image and Video Forensics: Enhancement and Analysis DFRWS EU 2018 Sebastiano Battiato, Martino Jerian
Image and Video Forensics: Fundamentals on Image Source Identification and Authenticity Verification DFRWS EU 2018 Roberto Caldelli, Irene Amerini
iOS Physical Acquisition Workflow: From Jailbreaking to Extraction DFRWS EU 2018 Oleg Afonin, Vladimir Katalov
MalDozer: Automatic Framework for Android Malware Chasing Using Deep Learning DFRWS EU 2018 ElMouatez Billah Karbab, Mourad Debbabi, Abdelouahid Derhab, Djedjiga Mouheb
Nugget: A Digital Forensics Language DFRWS EU 2018 Christopher Stelly, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
Obtaining Critical Real-Time Evidence From the Cloud DFRWS EU 2018 Vladimir Katalov
OpenForensics: A Digital Forensics GPU Pattern Matching Approach for the 21st Century DFRWS EU 2018 Ethan Bayne, Ian Ferguson, Adam Sampson
Styx: Countering Robust Memory Acquisition DFRWS EU 2018 Ralph Palutke, Felix Freiling
The Reliability of Clocks as Digital Evidence Under Low Voltage Conditions DFRWS EU 2018 Jens-Petter Sandvik, André Årnes
Using Computed Similarity of Distinctive Digital Traces to Evaluate Non-obvious Links and Repetitions in Cyber-investigations DFRWS EU 2018 Timothy Bollé, Eoghan Casey, Ph.D.
Where Did That Incriminating Evidence Come From? DFRWS EU 2018 Martin Westman
Advancing the AFF4 to the Challenges of Volatile Memory and Single Hashes DFRWS USA 2017 Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
AFIDS: Another Forensic Image Data Set DFRWS USA 2017 Mark Guido, Michael McCarrin, David Baker, Vik Harichandran, Sam Brothers
Analyzing User-Event Data Using Score-based Likelihood Ratios with Marked Point Processes DFRWS USA 2017 Christopher Galbraith, Padhraic Smyth
Availability of Datasets for Digital Forensics - and What is Missing DFRWS USA 2017 Cinthya Grajeda Mendez, Frank Breitinger, Ibrahim Baggili
Browser Artifacts of Google Drive and Gmail DFRWS USA 2017 Elizabeth Schweinsberg
Carving Database Storage to Detect and Trace Security Breaches DFRWS USA 2017 James Wagner, Alexander Rasin, Boris Glavic, Karen Heart, Jacob Furst, Lucas Bressan, Jonathan Grier
Deleted File Persistence on Digital Media DFRWS USA 2017 Jim Jones, Tahir Khan
Digital Forensic Approaches for Amazon Alexa Ecosystem DFRWS USA 2017 Hyunji Chung, Jungheum Park, Sangjin Lee
DROP (DRone Open source Parser) Your Drone - Forensic Analysis of the DJI Phantom III DFRWS USA 2017 Devon Clark, Christopher Meffert, Ibrahim Baggili, Frank Breitinger
Extending The Sleuth Kit and its Underlying Model for Pooled Storage File System Forensic Analysis DFRWS USA 2017 Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Martin Lambertz, Daniel Plohmann
Finding Digital Evidence in Mobile Devices DFRWS USA 2017 Hans Henseler, Ph.D., Vince Noort
Gaslight: A Comprehensive Fuzzing Architecture for Memory Forensics Frameworks DFRWS USA 2017 Andrew Case, Arghya Das, Seung-Jong Park, Ram Ramanujam, Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Insights Gained From Constructing a Large Scale Dynamic Analysis Platform DFRWS USA 2017 Cody Miller, Dae Glendowne, Henry Cook, Demarcus Thomas, Patrick Pape, Chris Lanclos
Leveraging the SRTP protocol for Over-The-Network Memory Acquisition of a GE Fanuc Series 90-30 DFRWS USA 2017 Denton George, Filip Karpisek, Frank Breitinger, Ibrahim Baggili
Linux Memory Forensics: Dissecting the User Space Process Heap DFRWS USA 2017 Frank Block, Andreas Dewald
Memory Based Dynamic Malware Analysis DFRWS USA 2017 Endre Bangerter, Jonas Wagner
Pull It Together: Enabling Interoperability of Digital Forensic Systems Using a Standard Representation and Supporting API DFRWS USA 2017 Sean Barnum, Ryan Griffith
SCADA Network Forensics of the PCCC Protocol DFRWS USA 2017 Saranyan Senthivel, Irfan Ahmed, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
SCARF: A Container-Based Approach to Cloud-Scale Digital Forensic Processing DFRWS USA 2017 Christopher Stelly, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.
Time-of-Recording Estimation for Audio Recordings DFRWS USA 2017 Lilei Zheng, Ying Zhang, Chien Eao Lee, Vrizlynn Thing
Track 1: A Light Introduction to Linux Malware Analysis Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Adam Pridgen
Track 1: Modern Password Cracking Systems Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Sudhir Aggarwal, Shiva Houshmand
Track 2: Rekall Everywhere - DFIR in the Cloud Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Michael Cohen
Track 2: SMS Recovery From NAND Memory of Erased eMMC Chip Workshop DFRWS USA 2017 Sasha Sheremetov
Use of Generalized Hough Transform on Interpretation of Memory Dumps DFRWS USA 2017 Paulo Roberto Nunes de Souza, Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D.
Virtualization-Based Security: A Forensics Perspective DFRWS USA 2017 Jason Hale
AFEIC: Advanced Forensic Ext4 Inode Carving DFRWS EU 2017 Andreas Dewald, Sabine Seufert
Behavioral Service Graphs: A Formal Data-Driven Approach for Prompt Investigation of Enterprise and Internet-Wide Infections DFRWS EU 2017 Elias Bou-Harb, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D.
Bit-Errors as a Source of Forensic Information in NAND Flash Memory DFRWS EU 2017 Jan Peter van Zandwijk
Building Forensics Tools in Go Workshop (Part 1) DFRWS EU 2017 Joe Sylve, Ph.D., Vico Marziale, Ph.D.
Characterizing Loss of Forensic Information due to Abstraction Layers DFRWS EU 2017 Felix Freiling, Thomas Glanzmann, Hans Reiser
Chip Off Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Sasha Sheremetov
Do Digital Investigators Have To Program? A Controlled Experiment in Digital Investigation DFRWS EU 2017 Felix Freiling, Christian Zoubek
eMMC Chip Off – Benefits and Risks Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Martin Westman
Evidence Gathering for Network Security and Forensics DFRWS EU 2017 Dinil Mon Divakaran, Kar Wai Fok, Ido Nevat, Vrizlynn Thing
EviPlant: An Efficient Digital Forensic Challenge Creation, Manipulation and Distribution Solution DFRWS EU 2017 Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Xiaoyu Du, David Lillis
Force Open: Lightweight Black Box File Repair DFRWS EU 2017 Karl Wust, Petar Tsankov, Sasa Radomirovic, Mohammad Torabi Dashti
Forensic Analysis of Deduplicated File Systems DFRWS EU 2017 Dario Lanterna, Antonio Barili
Forensic Artifacts in Windows 10 Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Roman Locher
Hands-on Introduction to MattockFS Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Rob Meijer
Improving the Reliability of Chip-Off Forensic Analysis of NAND Flash Memory Devices DFRWS EU 2017 Aya Fukami, Saugata Ghose, Yixin Luo, Yu Cai, Onur Mutlu
Introduction to Digital Forensic Prolog Workshop DFRWS EU 2017 Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D.
Network Forensic Investigation in OpenFlow Networks with ForCon DFRWS EU 2017 Daniel Spiekermann, Jorg Keller, Tobias Eggendorfer
Picking Up the Trash: Exploiting Generational GC for Memory Analysis DFRWS EU 2017 Adam Pridgen, Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D., Dan Wallach
Selective Deletion of Non-Relevant Data DFRWS EU 2017 Christian Zoubek, Konstantin Sack
A practical approach to analyze smartphone backup data as a digital evidence DFRWS USA 2016 Jaehyeok Han, Sangjin Lee
Anti-forensics: Furthering digital forensic science through a new extended, granular taxonomy DFRWS USA 2016 Kevin Conlan, Ibrahim Baggili, Frank Breitinger