Challenges in Big Multimedia Forensics, From Drones to Virtual Reality and Evidence in Court

Zeno Geradts is a senior forensic scientist at the department Digital and Biometrics Traces. He has worked at the NFI since 1991, and has written over five hundred reports for court cases, and testified many times in court. Since 2014 he has been appointed as full professor Forensic Data Science at the Institute for Informatics at the University of Amsterdam. He is currently Chairman of the ENFSI Forensic IT working group, and is the Founding Chairman of the Digital and Multimedia Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, where he is currently in the Executive Committee as Treasurer and is expected to be the first non-American President of the AAFS in 2020. Zeno received the Distinguished Forensic Scientist Award of ENFSI in 2012. Mr. Geradts has also validated and implemented several new techniques within the field of Multimedia forensics and is handling editor of the journal Digital Investigation.