Katrin Franke is professor of computer science at the NTNU Digital Forensics Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). In 2005 she obtained her Ph.D. degree at the Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. She is an alumni of the Technical University of Dresden in Germany with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

After graduating in 1994, Dr. Franke began to conduct research at the Fraunhofer IPK in Berlin, Germany. Until December 2006, she has worked as a scientific project manager; leading research teams as well as internationally distributed project consortia. In 2007 Katrin Franke joined the Norwegian Information Security laboratory at Gjøvik University College in Norway, now NTNU Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK). She conducts research in Computational Forensics, supervises Ph.D. projects and teaches courses in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition at the PhD and master level.

Dr. Franke has published more than 180 scientific articles including one patent. She is involved in the organization of international conferences; the most prominent among them is the International Workshop on Computational Forensics (IWCF). Dr. Franke is a founding member of the IAPR-TC6 on Computational Forensics founded in 2008 and served as its chair. Katrin Franke is an IAPR* Young Investigator Awardee in the year 2009.  (* International Association of Pattern Recognition)