Ben Lemere


This workshop will be in the form of a presentation at an intermediate technical level. 

Over the past several years, automotive manufactures have been adding advanced technology to seamlessly and safely integrate access to our digital lives from within our vehicles. The industry is evolving from making vehicles that simply take us from one destination to another, to vehicles that create an experience that entertains and informs us as well as facilitates voice and data communications while we travel. 

Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics systems store a vast amount of data such as recent destinations, favorite locations, call logs, contact lists, SMS messages, emails, pictures, videos, social media feeds, and the navigation history of everywhere the vehicle has been. Many systems record events such as when and where a vehicle's lights are turned on, which doors are opened and closed at specific locations, and even where the vehicle is when Bluetooth devices connect. This feature is critical, for example, to investigators who do not have a suspect's phone but need information from it. Having a suspect's supported vehicle is the next best thing and can provide much of the same information. 

This information is not easily retrievable and is typically stored in several different systems within a vehicle not traditionally associated with event data. This presentation will address the data stored in several different infotainment and telematics systems and touch on methods to acquire and analyze it.