Matthew Geiger (Qintel)

Database Image Content Explorer: Carving Data That Does Not Officially Exist

James Wagner (DePaul University) Alexander Rasin (DePaul University) Jonathan Grier (Grier Forensics)

Recovery of Heavily Fragmented JPEG Files

Yanbin Tang ( University of Hong Kong) Junbin Fang (Jinan University) K.P. Chow (University of Hong Kong) Siu Ming (University of Hong Kong) Jun Xu (Harbin Institute of Technology) Bo Feng (Stony Brook University) Qiong Li (Harbin Institute of Technology) Qi Han (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Recovery method of deleted records and tables from ESE Database

Kim Jeonghyeon (Korea University) Park Aran (Korea University) Lee Sangjin (Korea University)