Jan-Niclas Hilgert
Martin Lambertz
Shujian Yang



Best Paper of DFRWS USA 2018

The analysis of file systems is a fundamental step in every forensic investigation. Long-known file systems such as FAT, NTFS, or the ext family are well supported by commercial and open source forensics tools. When it comes to more recent file systems with technologically advanced features, however, most tools fall short of being able to provide an investigator with means to perform a proper forensic analysis.

BTRFS is such a file system which has not received the attention it should have. Although introduced in 2007, marked as stable in 2014, and being the default file system in certain Linux distributions, there is virtually no research available in the area of digital forensics when it comes to BTRFS; nor are there any software tools capable of analyzing a BTRFS file system in a way required for a forensic analysis.

In this paper we add support for BTRFSdincluding support for multiple device configurationsdto The Sleuth Kit, a widely used toolkit when it comes to open source file system forensics. Moreover, we provide an analysis of forensically important featu