Alex Nelson, Ph.D. (NIST)

Syntactical File Carving and Automated Generation of Reproducible Datasets Paper

Jan-Niclas Hilgert Martin Lambertz Mariia Rybalka Roman Schell

bring2lite: a structural Concept and Tool for Forensic Data Analysis and Recovery of Deleted SQLite Records Paper

Christian Meng Harald Baier (University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt)

DB3F & DF-Toolkit: The Database Forensic File Format and the Database Forensic Toolkit Paper

James Wagner (DePaul University) Alexander Rasin (DePaul University) Karen Heart Rebecca Jacob Jonathan Grier (Grier Forensics)

Using NTFS Cluster Allocation Behavior to Find the Location of User Data Paper

Martin Karresand Stefan Axelsson (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn (NTNU)