Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
A Cyber Forensics Ontology – Creating a New Approach to Studying Cyber Forensics DFRWS USA 2006 Ashley Brinson (Purdue University), Abigail Robinson (Purdue University), Marcus Rogers (Purdue University)
A Survey of Forensic Characterization Methods for Physical Devices DFRWS USA 2006 Nitin Khanna (Purdue University), Aravind K. Mikkilineni (Purdue University), Anthony F. Martone (Purdue University), Gazi N. Ali (Purdue University), George T.-C. Chiu (Purdue University), Jan P. Allebach (Purdue University), Edward J. Delp (Purdue University)
An Empirical Study of Automatic Event Reconstruction Systems DFRWS USA 2006 Sundararaman Jeyaraman (Purdue University), Mikhail J. Atallah (Purdue University)
Arriving at an Anti-forensics Consensus – Examining How to Define and Control the Anti-forensics Problem DFRWS USA 2006 Ryan Harris (Purdue University)
Cross-Drive Analysis DFRWS USA 2006 Simson Garfinkel (Harvard University)
Current Cyber Investigation Challenges in Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2006 Ted Lindsey
Detecting False Captioning Using Common Sense Reasoning DFRWS USA 2006 Sangwon Lee (Northwestern University), David A. Shamma (Northwestern University), Bruce Gooch (Northwestern University)
Identifying Almost Identical Files Using Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing DFRWS USA 2006 Jesse Kornblum (ManTech SMA)
Issues in Building the Digital Forensics Bridge From Computer Science to Judicial Science DFRWS USA 2006 Michael Losavio, Deborah Wilson, Adel Elmaghraby, James Graham, S. Srinivasan, David Elder, Marcus Rogers
Knowledge Exploration, Analysis, and Discovery Workshop DFRWS USA 2006 Mark Maybury, Penny Chase
md5bloom – Forensic Filesystem Hashing Revisited DFRWS USA 2006 Vassil Roussev (University of New Orleans), Yixin Chen, (University of New Orleans), Timothy Bourg (University of New Orleans), Golden Richard III (University of New Orleans)
Searching for Processes and Threads in Microsoft Windows Memory Dumps DFRWS USA 2006 Andreas Schuster (Deutsche Telekom AG)
Selective and Intelligent Imaging using Digital Evidence Bags DFRWS USA 2006 Philip Turner (QinetiQ)
XIRAF – Ultimate Forensic Querying DFRWS USA 2006 W. Alink (Netherlands Forensic Insitute), R.A.F. Bhoedjang (Netherlands Forensic Insitute), P.A. Boncz (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica), A.P. de Vries (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica)
A Correlation Method for Establishing Provenance of Timestamps in Digital Evidence DFRWS USA 2006 Bradley Schatz (Queensland University of Technology), George Mohay (Queensland University of Technology), Andrew Clark (Queensland University of Technology)
A Strategy for Testing Hardware Write Block Devices DFRWS USA 2006 James Lyle (NIST)
Categories of Digital Investigation Analysis Techniques Based On The Computer History Model DFRWS USA 2006 Brian Carrier, Ph.D. (Purdue University) and Prof. Eugene Spafford (Purdue University)
FORZA – Digital Forensics Investigation Framework That Incorporate Legal Issues DFRWS USA 2006 Ricci Sze-Chung Ieong (eWalker Consulting Ltd)
Self-Reported Computer Criminal Behavior – A Psychological Analysis DFRWS USA 2006 Marcus K. Rogers (Purdue University), Kathryn Seigfried (John Jay College), and Kirti Tidke (Purdue University)