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USA paper deadlines due Feb 1, 2017.



Introducing the 2016 DFRWS Forensic Challenge

The 2016 DFRWS Forensic Challenge seeks to advance the state-of-the-art in SDN (Software Defined Network) forensics by focusing the community's attention on this emerging domain. Details, tools, and materials can be obtained here.

How Can I Participate?

  • Attend our US and EU Conferences - Learn about the latest in digital forensics research, provide feedback to researchers, meet and interact with other researchers and practitioners.

  • We have ample opportunites for you to Speak or Present - Research papers, practitioner presentations, lightning talks, tutorials, posters & demos. Submit a proposal so that your work can be be presented at the conference and included in the printed proceedings.

  • Test your skills in our annual Forensics Challenge.

  • Join the DFSci mailing list to stay informed about DFRWS and digital forensics.

How Can I Support DFRWS?

  • Sponsor: Foster progress and gain exposure by becoming a Sponsor of one of the conference events.


  • Advertise: Post or distribute one of our graphic ads to help spread the word about the conference.

How Can I Learn More About Forensics?