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About Us

DFRWS is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to bringing together everyone with a legitimate interest in digital forensics to address the emerging challenges of our field. DFRWS organizes digital forensic conferences, challenges, and international collaboration to help drive the direction of research and development.

DFRWS conferences provide a friendly atmosphere to share research papers, practitioner presentations, and works in progress. Every gathering includes technical workshops, demos, panels, and other “breakout sessions” covering various issues related to digital forensics.

Ultimately, it is the goal of DFRWS to cultivate transdisciplinary coproduction of knowledge that stimulates healthy growth in this rapidly evolving field. It is notable that many novel developments in the field have their roots in works and breakout sessions at DFRWS conferences. As such, DFRWS conferences are not only a snapshot of the state of the research in the field, but are also a useful pointer towards the future.



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