Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
A Practitioner Survey Exploring the Value of Forensic Tools, AI, Filtering, & Safer Presentation for Investigating Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) DFRWS USA 2019 Laura Sanchez, Cinthya Grajeda Mendez, Ibrahim Baggili, Cory Hall
AFF4-L: A scalable open logical evidence container DFRWS USA 2019 Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
An Incomplete Tour of the Forensic Implications of the Windows 10 Activity Timeline DFRWS USA 2019 Vico Marziale, Ph.D.
Android Auto & Google Assistant – How Google Encourages Hands-Free Motoring DFRWS USA 2019 Joshua Hickman
Behind the scenes of memory extraction DFRWS USA 2019 Joe FitzPatrick
bring2lite: a structural Concept and Tool for Forensic Data Analysis and Recovery of Deleted SQLite Records DFRWS USA 2019 Christian Meng, Harald Baier
CASE the Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression DFRWS USA 2019 Vik Harichandran, Cory Hall, Andrew Sovern, Deborah Nichols, Navaneeth Subramanian, Trevor Bobka
DB3F & DF-Toolkit: The Database Forensic File Format and the Database Forensic Toolkit DFRWS USA 2019 James Wagner, Alexander Rasin, Karen Heart, Rebecca Jacob, Jonathan Grier
Detection of Lateral Movement Across Valid Accounts by Using Human Behavior in the Physical Environment DFRWS USA 2019 Tomohiko Yano
Digital Forensic Practices and Methodologies for AI Speaker Ecosystems DFRWS USA 2019 Wooyeon Jo, Yeonghun Shin, Hyungchan Kim, Dongkyun Yoo, Donghyun Kim, Cheulhoon Kang, Jongmin Jin, Junghoon Oh, Bitna Na, Taeshik Shon
Extreme Damaged Devices DFRWS USA 2019 Steve Watson
FbHash: A New Similarity Hashing Scheme for Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2019 Donghoon Chang, Mohona Ghosh, Somitra Sanadhya, Monika Singh, Douglas White
Forensic analysis of the Nintendo 3DS NAND DFRWS USA 2019 Gus Pessolano, Huw Read, Iain Sutherland, Konstantinos Xynos
Forensic analysis of water damaged mobile devices DFRWS USA 2019 Aya Fukami, Kazuhiro Nishimura
Forensic Jailbreaking of iOS devices DFRWS USA 2019 Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
Forensic String Search Tool Quirks or What I Learned Testing String Search Tools DFRWS USA 2019 James Lyle
HookTracer: A System for Automated and Accessible API Hooks Analysis DFRWS USA 2019 Golden Richard III, Ph.D., Andrew Case, Aisha Ali-Gombe, Mingxuan Sun, Ryan Maggio, Md Firoz-Ul-Amin, Mohammad Jalalzai
Inception: Virtual Space in Memory Space in Real Space -- Memory Forensics of Immersive Virtual Reality with the HTC Vive DFRWS USA 2019 Peter Casey, Rebecca Lindsay-Decusati, Ibrahim Baggili, Frank Breitinger
Introducing a New Method for Chip-Off Success: Vapor Phase DFRWS USA 2019 Steve Watson, David Rathbone
Introducing Digital Forensics Science in a Virtual Learning Environment DFRWS USA 2019 Eoghan Casey, Ph.D., Daryl Pfeif, Cassy Soden
Introduction to Ghidra Malware Analysis DFRWS USA 2019 Erika Noerenberg
Investigating LOLBins & Scripts DFRWS USA 2019 Alissa Torres
KAPE:  What’s all the buzz about? DFRWS USA 2019 Mark Hallman
Leveraging Electromagnetic Side-Channel Analysis for the Investigation of IoT Devices DFRWS USA 2019 Asanka Sayakkara, Nhien An Le Khac, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D.
Memory forensics as Triage Analysis DFRWS USA 2019 Aaron Sparling
Not Your Father’s Forensics: Concept Searching for Data Forensic Investigations: Uncover what keywords miss DFRWS USA 2019 Warren G., Robert Kruse
School Cyber Risk & Challenges for Community Oriented Policing, Crime Prevention, and Investigations DFRWS USA 2019 Nicholas Dubois
Syntactical File Carving and Automated Generation of Reproducible Datasets DFRWS USA 2019 Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Martin Lambertz, Mariia Rybalka, Roman Schell
The Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression (CASE) DFRWS USA 2019 Cory Hall
Using NTFS Cluster Allocation Behavior to Find the Location of User Data DFRWS USA 2019 Martin Karresand, Stefan Axelsson, Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn
Windows Memory Forensics: Detecting (un)intentionally hidden injected Code by examining Page Table Entries DFRWS USA 2019 Frank Block, Andreas Dewald
Probabilistic Reasoning In Digital Forensics DFRWS EU 2019 Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D., Babak Habibnia
Advancing the Exchange of Cyber-Investigation Information between organizations and across borders using CASE DFRWS EU 2019 Eoghan Casey, Ph.D., Fabrizio Turchi, Nikolaos Matskanis
Apple watch forensics: is it ever possible, and what is the profit? DFRWS EU 2019 Mattia Epifani, Vladimir Katalov
Break DFRWS EU 2019
Characteristics and Detectability of Windows Auto-Start Extensibility Points in Memory Forensics DFRWS EU 2019 Daniel Uroz, Ricardo Rodriguez
Chrome Nuts and Bolts: ChromeOS /Chromebook Forensics DFRWS EU 2019 Jessica Hyde, Jad Saliba
Clearly Conveying the Science behind Automated Correlation Systems DFRWS EU 2019 Timothy Bollé, Eoghan Casey, Ph.D.
Closing Comments DFRWS EU 2019
Comprehending the IoT Cyber Threat Landscape: A Data Dimensionality Reduction Technique to Infer and Characterize Internet-scale IoT Probing Campaigns DFRWS EU 2019 Morteza Safaei, Elias Bou-Harb, Kavita Varma, Nataliia Neshenko, Dimitris Pados, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
COST CA17124 Talk, Digital Investigation Journal Update and Lightning Talks DFRWS EU 2019
Deleted File Fragment Dating by Analysis of Allocated Neighbors DFRWS EU 2019 Ahmed Bahjat, Jim Jones
Digital forensic analysis of encrypted database files in instant messaging applications on Windows operating systems DFRWS EU 2019 Jusop Choi, Jaegwan Yu, Sangwon Hyun, Hyoungshick Kim
Digital traces: a model for influencing parameters DFRWS EU 2019 Elénore Ryser, David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle
Exchange of cyber-investigation information between organizations and across borders using CASE (with Demo) DFRWS EU 2019 Vik Harichandran, Mattia Epifani, Nikolaos Matskanis, Deborah Nichols
Forensic Acquisition of Modern Evidence DFRWS EU 2019 Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
Forensic Intelligence Workshop DFRWS EU 2019 Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Dr. Katrin Franke, Zeno Geradts
Forensic Source Identification using JPEG Image Headers: The Case of Smartphones DFRWS EU 2019 Patrick Mullan, Christian Riess, Felix Freiling
Improving file-level fuzzy hashes for malware variant classification DFRWS EU 2019 Ian Shiel, Stephen O'Shaughnessy
IoT Forensic Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Traces DFRWS EU 2019 Francesco Servida, Eoghan Casey, Ph.D.
Lightning Talks DFRWS EU 2019
MalDy: Portable, Data-Driven Malware Detection using Language Processing and Machine Learning Techniques on Behavioral Analyses Reports DFRWS EU 2019 ElMouatez Billah Karbab, Mourad Debbabi
Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop DFRWS EU 2019 Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn, Sergii Banin
On Efficiency of Artifact Lookup Strategies in Digital Forensics DFRWS EU 2019 Lorenz Liebler, Patrick Schmitt, Frank Breitinger, Harald Baier
On the Feasibility of Binary Authorship Characterization DFRWS EU 2019 Saed Alrabaee
Overview of Digital Forensics at KRIPOS from Head of the Digital Forensic Section DFRWS EU 2019 Steffen Thorkildsen
Poster and Demo Pitches DFRWS EU 2019
Registration DFRWS EU 2019
Shining a Light on Spotlight: Leveraging Apple’s Desktop Search Utility to Recover Deleted File Metadata on macOS DFRWS EU 2019 Tajvinder Singh, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Nhien An Le Khac
SyncTriage: Using synchronisation artefacts to optimize acquisition order DFRWS EU 2019 Christopher Hargreaves, Angus Marshall
The iPhone Health App from a forensic perspective: can steps and distances registered during walking and running be used as digital evidence? DFRWS EU 2019 Jan Peter van Zandwijk, Abdul Boztas
The rise of evil HID devices DFRWS EU 2019 Franck Bitsch, Arthur Villeneuve
Towards Exact and Inexact Approximate Matching of Executable Binaries DFRWS EU 2019 Lorenz Liebler, Harald Baier
Using the Object ID index as an investigative approach for NTFS file systems DFRWS EU 2019 Rune Nordvik, Fergus Toolan, Stefan Axelsson
Welcome Address DFRWS EU 2019
WhatsApp Forensics: Advanced Methods of Extraction and Decryption DFRWS EU 2019 Tanya Pankova
Women: The future of forensic computing?! DFRWS EU 2019 Felix Freiling, Dr. Katrin Franke
Automated Forensic Analysis of Mobile Applications on Android Devices DFRWS USA 2018 Xiaodong Lin, Ph.D., Ting Chen, Tong Zhu, Kun Yang, Fengguo Wei
CGC Monitor: A Vetting System for the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge DFRWS USA 2018 Michael Thompson, Timothy Vidas
Adding APFS Support to The Sleuthkit Framework DFRWS USA 2018 Joe Sylve, Ph.D.
Analyzing the DarkNetMarkets Subreddit for Evolutions of Tools and Trends Using LDA Topic Modeling DFRWS USA 2018 Kyle Porter
Android Forensics and Reverse Engineering (Part 1) DFRWS USA 2018 Trevor Haigh, Frank Breitinger
Android Forensics and Reverse Engineering (Part 2) DFRWS USA 2018 Trevor Haigh, Frank Breitinger
Damaged Device Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Steve Watson
Deep Learning at the Shallow End: Malware Classification for Non-Domain Experts DFRWS USA 2018 Quan Le, Oisin Boydell, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D.
Digital Forensic Investigation of Two-Way Radio Communication Equipment and Services DFRWS USA 2018 Arie Kouwen, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D., Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Nhien An Le Khac
DroidKex: Fast Extraction of Ephemeral TLS Keys from the Memory of Android Apps DFRWS USA 2018 Benjamin Taubmann, Omar Al Abduljaleel, Hans Reiser
Drone Forensics Program DFRWS USA 2018 Steve Watson
Examining Recent Advances in Chip-Off for Mobile Device Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Steve Watson
Experience Constructing the Artifact Genome Project (AGP): Managing the Domain's Knowledge One Artifact at a Time DFRWS USA 2018 Cinthya Grajeda Mendez, Laura Sanchez, Ibrahim Baggili, Devon Clark, Frank Breitinger
Forensic Analysis of Multiple Device BTRFS Configurations Using The Sleuth Kit DFRWS USA 2018 Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Martin Lambertz, Shujian Yang
Getting Saucy with APFS! - The State of Apple’s New File System DFRWS USA 2018 Sarah Edwards
IoT 4n6: The Growing Impact of IoT on Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Jessica Hyde
Leveraging Relocations in Kernel ELF-binaries for Linux Kernel Version Identification DFRWS USA 2018 Manish Bhatt, Irfan Ahmed
Linux Memory Forensics Part 1 DFRWS USA 2018 Hal Pomeranz
Linux Memory Forensics Part 2 DFRWS USA 2018 Hal Pomeranz
Memory Forensics and the Windows Subsystem for Linux DFRWS USA 2018 Nathan Lewis, Andrew Case, Aisha Ali-Gombe, Golden Richard III, Ph.D.
Multinomial Malware Classification Via Low-level Features DFRWS USA 2018 Sergii Banin, Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn
Plaso: The Missing Manual (Part 1) DFRWS USA 2018 Mark Hallman
Plaso: The Missing Manual (Part 2) DFRWS USA 2018 Mark Hallman
Reconstructing Streamed Video Content: A Case Study on YouTube and Facebook Live Stream Content in the Chrome Web Browser Cache DFRWS USA 2018 Graeme Horsman
Turbinia: Automation of Forensic Processing in the Cloud DFRWS USA 2018 Thomas Chopitea, Aaron Peterson
Using Santa to Augment Forensic Investigations DFRWS USA 2018 James Nettesheim, Gary Brown
Was the 2016 Election Hacked? Your Forensic Expertise is Needed! DFRWS USA 2018 Suzanne Mello-Stark
Welcome pwn: Almond Smart Home Hub Forensics DFRWS USA 2018 Akshay Awasthi, Huw Read, Iain Sutherland, Konstantinos Xynos
Who Watches the Watcher? Detecting Hypervisor Introspection from Unprivileged Guests DFRWS USA 2018 Tomasz Tuzel, Mark Bridgman, Joshua Zepf
A Comparative Study on Data Protection Legislations and Government Standards to Implement Digital Forensic Readiness as Legal Requirement DFRWS EU 2018 Sungmi Park, Nikolay Akatyev, Donghyun Kim, Jisoo Hwang, Woonseon Yoo, Hyunwoo Shin, Changhee Han, Kim Jong Hyun, Yunsik Jake Jang
A Standardized Corpus for SQLite Database Forensics DFRWS EU 2018 Sven Schmitt, Felix Freiling, Sebastian Nemetz
Advanced Acquisition & Analysis with the AFF4 DFRWS EU 2018 Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.
Anti-Forensics in ext4: On Secrecy and Usability of Timestamp-Based Data Hiding DFRWS EU 2018 Thomas Göbel, Harald Baier