DFRWS EU 2015 was held in Dublin March 23-25, with activities organized in two prime locations. Pre- and post- conference workshops are being held at the main conference hotel Hilton DoubleTree at Burlington Road, while the main track of the conference is being held at the University College Dublin’s O’Brien Centre for Science.

Keynote speakers were Chris Ashton from Immarsat and Troels Oerting from Barclays. Chris Ashton presented an overview of the techniques developed by Inmarsat in the search for the missing Malaysian airliner MH370, followed by a discussion on how these new techniques became accepted by the investigation team and formed the basis for a multi million dollar search. Troels Oerting provided a forward looking perspective on how to combat cybercrime using a combination of investigation and strategic proactive prevention. This talk combined his extensive experience in law enforcement and his perspective from the financial sector, highlighting current challenges and future needs.

A total of 12 papers were presented at the conference and where published in the special issue of Digital Investigation (Volume 12, Supplement 1).  The Best Paper Award went to “Hviz: HTTP(S) Traffic Aggregation and Visualization for Network Forensics” by David Gugelmann, Fabian Gasser, Bernhard Ager and Vincent Lenders. In addition, there was a panel on “Forensic Tool Validation” moderated by Pavel Gladyshev, 7 short presentations, and 4 workshops.

The First European Workshop on Data Analytics for Information Security and Forensics (E-DAIS) was held immediately following on March 26. After a Keynote Address by Mr. Jean-Dominique Nollet on “Research challenges for large scale forensics & data analytics in cybercrime investigations”, there was a panel on “Societal / Privacy Problems of Big Data Analysis for Information Security and forensics”. The afternoon was for breakout session on interoperability standards, visual analytic techniques for information security and forensics, text translation and mining for information security and forensics, legal aspects of cross-jurisdictional data collection and analysis, and socio-technical approaches to strengthening human rights protection and public oversight over investigative big data analytics.

Conference Location:

Dublin Ireland

March 23, 2015 to March 25, 2015


The Search for MH370: Lessons from Inmarsat's Flightpath Reconstruction Analysis

Chris Ashton | Inmarsat

Abstract:In this talk, Christ Ashton will give an overview of the techniques developed by Inmarsat in the search for the missing Malaysian airliner MH370, followed by a discussion on how these new techniques became accepted by the investigation team and formed the basis for a multi million dollar search.

Bio:Mr. Ashton is the Director of Spectrum Engineering at Inmarsat, specializing in tracking aircraft using telemetry and modeling. He was in charge of the team that developed techniques to search for the missing Malaysian airliner MH370. Part of this work involved working with the investigation team to establish confidence in the search techniques that formed the basis for a multi million dollar search.

Combatting Cybercrime

Troels Oerting | Barclays

Abstract:In his talk, Troels Oerting provided a forward looking perspective on how to combat cybercrime using a combination of investigation and strategic proactive prevention. This talk combined his extensive experience in law enforcement and his perspective from the financial sector, highlighting current challenges and future needs.

Mr. Oerting has over 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement, and now is CISO at Barclays. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Oerting has held senior management positions including: Head of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and acting Head of Europol's Counter Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Centre, former Director of the Danish NCIS, National Crime Squad, SOCA and Director of Operations in Danish Security Intelligence Service; Assistant Director in Europol's IMT Department; and Assistant Director in Europol's Operational Department.

He is Chair of EC3 Programme Board; Chair of European Financial Coalition against sexual exploitation of children; on the Board of Managers in the Virtual Global Task Force and EU cybercrime Task Force; and EC3 representative in ICANN and ITU strategic meetings.


As the most established forum in the field, DFRWS is the preferred place to present the latest research and perspectives on best practices for all aspects of digital forensics. The blend of practitioners, researchers and tool developers at the conference presents a unique environment for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The 2015 DFRWS EU conference also offered several hands-on tutorial sessions, led by preeminent forensic researchers and developers, and free to all registered attendees. Two tracks of workshop sessions were offered on Monday March 23rd. These sessions included incident response, the digital forensics framework, memory forensics and common criteria for digital forensics experts.

Conference registration included access to all presentations, a copy of the printed proceedings, breakfasts, the welcome reception on March 23rd, and the famous rodeo challenge. Additionally, attendees registered for the whole conference may attend a banquet on March 25th. Discounts are available for Law Enforcement and student attendees.


Organizing Committee

Conference Chair

Eoghan Casey, Ph.D. (University of Lausanne)

Conference Chair

Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D. (University College Dublin)

Vice Conference Chair

David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle (University of Lausanne)

Vice Conference Chair

Mikael Lindström (Europol EC3) Robert-Jan Mora (Royal Dutch Shell)

Technical Program Chair

Hans Henseler (University of Applied Sciences Leiden)

Technical Program Vice Chair

Thomas Gloe (dence)

Technical Program Vice Chair

Felix Freiling (Friedrich-Alexander-University) Holger Morgenstern (Albstadt-Sigmaringen University)

Technical Program Committee Chair

Mariangela Biasiotti (Italian National Research Council)

Local Chair

Mark Scanlon (University College Dublin)

Proceedings Chair

Vassil Roussev, Ph.D. (University of New Orleans)

Keynote Chair

Owen O'Connor

Outreach Chair

Zeno Geradts (Netherlands Forensic Institute)

Outreach Vice Chair

Christina Thorpe (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown)

Advertising / Sponsorship

Daryl Pfeif (Digital Forensics Solutions and DFRWS)


Rick Smith (ATC-NY)

Web Chair

Tim Vidas (Carnegie Mellon University)

Demo & Posters Chair

Philip Anderson

Workshop Chair

Robert-Jan Mora (Royal Dutch Shell)

Workshop Vice Chair

Bruce Nikkel (Bern University of Applied Sciences)

Workshop Vice Chair

Peter Sommer

Registration & Local Arragements

Babak Habibnia (University College Dublin)

Local Arrangements

Paulo Roberto Nunes de Souza (University College Dublin)

Technical Program Committee

Frank Adelstein


Philip Anderson

Northumbria University

Olga Angelopoulou

University of Derby

Cosimo Anglano

Universitá del Piemonte Orientale

Frédéric Baguelin


Endre Bangerter

Bern University of Applied Sciences

Harm van Beek

McAfee Foundstone

Owen Brady

King's College London

Frank Breitinger

University of New Haven

Jorge Capmany

European Central Bank

Ahmad Raza Cheema

National University of Sciences and Technology

Rob Coenraads


Michael Cohen


Patrick De Smet


Jeroen van den Bos

Netherlands Forensic Institute

Felix Freiling


Erwin van Eijk

Netherlands Forensic Institute

Katrin Franke

Norwegian University of Technology and Science

Zeno Geradts

Netherlands Forensic Institute

Solal Jacob


Hans Henseler

University of Applied Sciences Leiden

Joshua James

Digital Forensic Investigation Research Laboratory, Hallym University

David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle

University of Lausanne

Matthias Kirchner

Binghamton University

Jesse Kornblum


Markus Kuhn

University of Cambridge

Hanno Langweg

HTWG Konstanz

Timothy Leschke, Ph.D.

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Holger Morgenstern

Sachverstaendigenbuero Morgenstern

Martin Mulazzani

SBA Research

Gilbert Peterson

US Air Force Institute of Technology

Vassil Roussev, Ph.D.

University of New Orleans

Mark Scanlon

University College Dublin

Bradley Schatz, Ph.D.

Schatz Forensic

Andreas Schuster

Deutsche Telekom AG

Ahmed Shosha

University College Dublin

Peter Sommer

London School of Economics

Michael Spreitzenbarth

Siemens CERT

Adrie Stander

University of Cape Town

Marian Svetlik

Risk Analysis Consultants

Jean-Philippe Teissier

CERT Société Générale

Fergus Toolan

Norwegian Police University College

Theo Tryfonas

University of Bristol

Philip Turner

Hewlett Packard

Wietse Venema, Ph.D.

IBM Research

Tim Vidas

Carnegie Mellon University


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