Wednesday, May 7, 2014
8:00Registration / Breakfast
9:00Opening Remarks - Eoghan Casey
9:10Keynote Address
Peter Zinn (Senior Cybercrime Advisor for the Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit)
Police, cyber and forensics
10:30SESSION 1: General data analytics
Chair: Hans Henseler
"Robust Linux Memory Acquisition with Minimal Target Impact" Johannes Stuettgen and Michael Cohen -- Best Paper
"Practical Use of Approximate Hash Based Matching in Digital Investigations" Petter Christian Bjelland, André Årnes and Katrin Franke
"Fast Indexing Strategies for Robust Image Hashes" Christian Winter and York Yannikos
12:00Lunch on your own
14:00SESSION 2: Processes and Services
Chair: Zeno Geradts
"Automated evaluation of approximate matching algorithms on real data" Frank Breitinger and Vassil Roussev
"Information Assurance in a distributed forensic cluster" Nicholas Pringle and Mikhaila Burgess
"OpenLV: Empowering Investigators and First-Responders in the Digital Forensics Process" Timothy Vidas, Brian Kaplan and Matthew Geiger
"Digital Forensics as a Service: a Game Changer" Ruud van Baar, Harm van Beek and Erwin van Eijk
16:00Break (Coffee and Tea)
16:30Panel Discussion
Title: Reducing Backlogs in Digital Forensics Labs
Moderator: Hans Henseler
Adrie Stander, University of Cape Town
Ruud van Baar, NFI
Nina van der Knaap, Leiden University
Eoghan Casey, MITRE
17:30Five-Minute Teasersfor Tool Demos and poster session
18:00Welcome reception/drinks at the conference venue, including poster and demo session
Thursday, May 8, 2014
8:20Administrative Remarks
8:30Keynote Address
Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm (Dutch lawyer from bureau Brandeis, experiences include the Kazaa case and other complex digital cases)
The importance of fact-finding in technology cases
9:30Invited Speaker
Mikael Lindström (European Cyber Crime Center, EC3)
Title: EC3 - European Cyber Crime Centre - fighting crime from the international perspective
10:10Break (Coffee and Tea)
10:30SESSION 3: Technology-specifc analysis
Chair: Pavel Gladyshev
"Key-hiding on the ARM platform" Alexander Nilsson, Marcus Andersson and Stefan Axelsson
"Forensic Analysis of Video File Formats" Thomas Gloe, André Fischer and Matthias Kirchner
"BitTorrent Sync: First Impressions and Digital Forensic Implications" Jason Farina, Mark Scanlon and Tahar Kechadi
"Windows Surface RT Tablet Forensics" Asif Iqbal, Hanan Alobaidli, Andrew Marrington and Andy Jones
12:30Lunch on your own
14:30SESSION 4: Memory analysis
Chair: Tim Vidas
"OBA2: An Onion Approach to Binary Code Authorship Attribution" Saed Alrabaee, Mourad Debbabi and Lingyu Wang
"Out of sight, but not out of mind:Traces of nearby devices' wireless transmissions in volatile memory" Wicher Minnaard
"On the database lookup problem of approximate matching" Frank Breitinger, Harald Baier and Douglas White
16:00Break (Coffee and Tea)
16:30Short Presentations & Works in Progress (Lightning Talks, 5 minutes each)
17:00Panel Discussion
Title: Preservation of Provenance in the Cloud
Moderator: Luciana Duranti
18:00Banquet and Forensic Rodeo
Friday, May 9, 2014
Workshop Track 1Workshop Track 2
8:00GRR Incident Response Framework
Michael Cohen & Andreas Moser
Video File Recovery using Defraser
10:00GRR Incident Response Framework (continued)Real Network Forensics KungFu
Kelvin Wong, Alan Ho, & Anthony Lai
11:30Lunch on your own
12:30Memory forensic analysis workshop
Michael Cohen & Johannes Stuettgen
OpenStack Cloud Forensics
Lee Tobin, Paulo Roberto Nunes de Souza, Afrah Almansoori, Pavel Gladyshev, & Babak Habibnia