Title: Internet-of-Things Forensics

Presenters: Steve Watson and Matt Domanic – VTO Labs

Time: 14:00-17:00

Target Audience Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Literature review of Internet of Things (IoT) focused research.
  2. Review IoT related cases from around the world.
  3. Understand a method for identifying if IoT devices are capable of holding data.
  4. Learn various methods of exploiting IoT devices (network, circuit board, and chip-off acquisitions).
  5. Learn about the range of operating systems and file systems that may be found on IoT devices.
  6. Review open source software available to exploit IoT devices.
  7. Learn different hardware tools necessary for acquiring data from IoT devices.
  8. Hands-on applications including identifying where to acquire data from IoT device, data acquisitions, and data analysis.


The Internet of Things Forensics Workshop will provide intermediate to advanced participants an expansive background in the current state of Internet of Things forensics research. The research focus of the instructors is exclusively on embedded devices including Internet of Things, drones, medical devices and other emerging technologies. The workshop begins with a foundation of the current state IoT research and cases around the world. The workshop progresses to understand IoT devices, methods of acquiring data from these devices and the kinds of data that can be expected to be found on the devices. The workshop concludes with hands-on exercises to identify how to acquire data from the device, data acquisition, then walks through identifying data artifacts from the data from the IoT devices. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to access the instructors repository of IoT device acquisitions to further the participants research in new areas.