Please note: All times below are in Irish/British Summer Time. Daylight savings time begins on 28th March. For clarity, the current time in Ireland/UK:

Day 1 - Monday, 29th March, 2021

13:00-16:00Women in Forensics Workshop.

This is a co-located event with this year's DFRWS EU. Separate (and free) registration is required for this event. Further information and registration details are available here:
16:30-18:45Workshop TBC

Day 2 - Tuesday, 30th March, 2021

13:00Welcome Address
Dr. Mark Scanlon
13:15Keynote I

Dr. Nicole S. van der Meulen
14:10Paper Session I - Novel Device Forensics

Chair: TBC
Dead Man's Switch: Forensic Autopsy of the Nintendo SwitchFrederick Barr-Smith, Danny Rigby, Sash Rigby, Tom Farrant, Benjamin Leonard-Lagarde and Frederick Sibley-Calder
A Generalized Approach to Automotive ForensicsKevin Klaus Gomez Buquerin, Christopher Corbett, and Hans-Joachim Hof
15:10Paper Session II - Flash Memory Forensics

Chair: TBC
In Search of Lost Data: A Study of Flash Sanitization PracticesJanine Schneider, Immanuel Lautner, Denise Moussa, Julian Wolf, Nicole Scheler, Felix Freiling, Jaap Haasnoot, Hans Henseler, Simon Malik, Holger Morgenstern and Martin Westman
One Key to Rule Them All: Recovering the Master Key from RAM to break Android's File-Based EncryptionTobias Groß, Marcel Busch and Tilo Müller
16:10Presentation Session

Chair: TBC
Digital traces of walking, driving and other movements on iPhonesJan Peter van Zandwijk and Abdul Boztas
Implementing a Software System for Comparing an Incident Timeline with Known Indicators of CompromiseCagatay Yürekli
Forensic Analysis of the Raspberry PI 400Mattia Epifani
Glitching the KeepKey hardware walletErwin Intveld and Peter Zuijdervliet
17:10Lightning Talks
17:30Poster Session
18:30Birds of a Feather

Day 3 - Wednesday, 31st March, 2021

13:00Welcome Address
Dr. Mark Scanlon
13:05Keynote II
14:10Paper Session III - Instant Messenger Forensics

Chair: TBC
Ghost Protocol – Snapchat as a Method of SurveillanceRichard Matthews, Kieren Lovell and Matthew Sorell
Forensic Analysis of Artifacts in the Matrix Protocol and Riot.IM applicationGuido Schipper, Rudy Seelt and Nhien-An Le-Khac
15:00Paper Session IV - Digital Forensics Concepts

Chair: TBC
Bringing Forensic Readiness to Modern Computer FirmwareTobias Latzo, Florian Hantke, Lukas Kotschi and Felix Freiling
Bringing Order to Approximate Matching: Classification and Attacks on Similarity Digest AlgorithmsMiguel Martín-Pérez, Ricardo J. Rodríguez and Frank Breitinger
16:00Paper Session V - AI for Digital Forensics

Chair: TBC
A Comparative Study of Support Vector Machine and Neural Networks for File Type Identification using n-gram analysisJoachim Sester, Darren Hayes, Mark Scanlon and Nhien-An Le-Khac
Vec2UAge: Enhancing Underage Age Estimation Performance through Facial EmbeddingsFelix Anda, Edward Dixon, Elias Bou-Harb, Nhien-An Le-Khac and Mark Scanlon
17:00Extended Abstracts Presentations

Chair: TBC
Developing an IoT Forensic Methodology. A Practical Concept ProposalJuan Manuel Castelo Gómez, Javier Carrillo Mondéjar, José Roldán Gómez and José Luis Martínez Martínez
Selective Imaging of File System Data on Live SystemsFabian Faust, Aurélien Thierry, Tilo Müller and Felix Freiling
Phishing Detection on Tor Hidden ServicesMartin Steinebach
17:45Lightning Talks
18:30Birds of a Feather
19:00Pub Quiz

Day 4 - Thursday, 1st April, 2021

14:00-16:15Workshop 3: TBA
16:30-18:45Workshop 4: TBA

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