17 - Jan 2024

The Women in Forensic Computing Workshop Returns to DFRWS-EU!

The Women in Forensic Computing Workshop and Bootcamp is returning this March! Held in cooperation with DFRWS EU 2024 in Zaragoza, Spain (and virtually) on 18 March, 2024, this event is part of a workshop series that started in 2019. It is designed to:

  • Introduce digital forensics to prospective researchers and practitioners.
  • Increase student interest in digital forensic science as a career or research field.
  • Highlight the achievements of women in digital forensics.
  • Help women build their technical confidence.

As always, the workshop will be free of charge. It will include technical presentations and panels, delivered by women, that introduce fundamental and current topics as well as some hands-on experience.

The speaker lineup thus far

Cristina Muñoz-Aycuens, director of digital forensics at Grant Thornton España, will offer her thoughts on DFIR: Some Basics in Digital Forensics to Have in Mind.

Dr. Olga Angelopoulou, an assistant professor of cybersecurity at the University of Warwick, UK, will present Adapting Digital Forensics for Incident Response.

Dr. Lene Wacher Lentz, an associate professor in Criminal Law at Aalborg University in Denmark, and Dr. Inger Marie Sunde, a law professor at Norwegian Police University College, will present on Human Rights in Digital Forensics. This two-part talk will cover:

  • The Danish Teledata Scandal: Forensic validation as a guarantee to fair trial.
  • The Analysis of Collected Data: Are there any legal limitations applicable to the Analysis or is Privacy gone?

sequrium GmbH’s Svenja Mischur will deliver an interactive hands-on session on First Forensic Analysis – Practical Adhoc Methods in Incident Response. Participants will experience a realistic incident response scenario and learn how to effectively conduct initial forensic analyses.

Apply to participate at WinFC 2024!

Participation in the workshop is open to both male and female participants, though capacity is limited and you are asked to apply in order to attend. Travel scholarships are available for female students who wish to participate in the workshop.

Email a one-page letter describing your current affiliation, your research interests, why the workshop is interesting to you, and whether you wish to participate in person or online to women-in-forensic-computing@lists.informatik.uni-erlangen.de by February 2, 2024. Applications received after that date will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.

Short (5-10 minute) presentation sessions will additionally allow attendees to present their own work either on-site or online. If interested, send the title and an abstract of the presentation proposal together with your registration by February 2, 2024.

2024 merch coming soon to purchase!

A workshop webshop is available for you to show your support. You are also welcome to use the workshop logo in any way that spreads the word about this workshop. Keep checking back to see when the 2024 merch is posted to order!

For more information, including details about travel scholarships and a preliminary schedule, visit the WinFC workshop web page. And stay tuned for a WinFC announcement from DFRWS-USA!