The first DFRWS APAC will be help January 27-29, 2021 virtually.  It will contain the same papers and presentations that were selected for the IAFS2020.

IAFS2020 has been cancelled, and since it happens every 3 years, the next one will be in 2023.

The DFRWS and the Organising Committee for the 22nd Triennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences in conjunction with the 25th Symposium of the Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society is excited and proud to announce that IAFS 2020 has partnered with DFRWS to integrate the rapidly evolving field of digital forensic science and deliver the first DFRWS APAC as part of the IAFS 2020 Sydney conference.

Questions about papers can be asked at and questions about Workshops can be asked at

In line with the conference theme ‘Where to from here?’, for the first time, world-leading academics and practitioners in both traditional forensic science & medicine and digital forensic science will meet together to cultivate transdisciplinary coproduction of knowledge and help drive operational and research directions serving the common purposes of abating crime, strengthening security, and reinforcing the criminal justice system. Join over 1,500 forensic professionals from across the globe on 21-25 September 2020 to make history!


Conference Location:

The Internet

January 27, 2021 to January 29, 2021



We invite contributions in five categories: research papers, presentation proposals, panel proposals, workshop proposals, and demo proposals.

RESEARCH PAPERS undergo double-blinded, peer review. Papers are due via EasyChair by March 16th, 2020.


Date Event
31/01/2020 Submission deadline for abstracts
16/03/2020 Submission deadline for research papers
22/06/2020 Accepted Author registration deadline
22/06/2020 Early Bird Deadline


Organizing Committee

Conference Co-chair

Eoghan Casey

Conference Co-chair

Bradley Schatz

Conference Co-chair

Zeno Geradts

TPC Chair

KP Chow

TPC Co-chair

Matthew Sorell

TPC Co-chair

Richard Matthews

Workshop Co-chair

Matthew Simon

Workshop Co-chair

Phill Moore

Forensic Rodeo Wrangler

Andrew White

Proceedings Chair

Andrew Marrington

Web Chair

Devesh Mitra

DFRWS BoD Support

Frank Adelstein

DFRWS BoD Support

Daryl Pfeif

DFRWS BoD Support

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