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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

AEDST (Sydney)UTCEvent
09:0022:00-1Opening – Welcome Remarks
Dr Bradley Schatz (Schatz Forensic)

Silent Failures in Automated Pipelines Involving Multiple Digital Forensic Tools
Eoghan Casey (University of Lausanne)
10:1523:15-1A Forensic Analysis of Micromobility Solutions

Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Martin Lambertz, Ann-Mariya Mateyna (Fraunhofer FKIE), Alina
Hakoupian (University of Bonn)
10:4523:45-1Your Car Is Recording: Metadata-driven Dashcam Analysis System

Kukheon Lee, Jong-Hyun Choi, Jungheum Park, Sangjin Lee (Korea University)
11:1500:15Forensic Analysis for AI Speaker with Display Echo Show 2nd Generation As A Case

Min-A Youn, Yirang Lim, Kangyoun Seo, Hyunji Chung, Sangjin Lee (Korea
11:4500:45IoT network traffic analysis: opportunities and challenges for forensic

Tina Wu (University of Oxford), Frank Breitinger (University of Liechtenstein)
12:1501:15DFRWS APAC 2020 Rodeo
The Artifact Genome Project
Abe Baggili (University of New Haven)
to 17:30
to 06:30
Velociraptor – Digging Deeper!
Michael Cohen
Dr. Michael Cohen has over 20 years of experience in applying and developing
novel incident response and digital forensics tools and techniques. He has
previously worked in the Australian Department of Defence as an information
security specialist, at the Australian Federal Police specializing in digital forensics,
network and memory forensics. In 2010 he joined Google, where he created tools
in support of the incident response team. Michael has recently founded Velocidex
Enterprises – the company behind Velociraptor – an advanced DFIR and endpoint
visibility tool.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

AEDST (Sydney)UTCEvent
to 13:00
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Forensic Email Investigation
Arman Gungor, Metaspike
Arman Gungor is a certified computer forensic examiner (CCE) and software
developer. He has been appointed by courts as a neutral computer forensics
expert as well as a neutral eDiscovery consultant. Arman is passionate about doing
digital forensics research, developing new investigative techniques, and creating
software to support them.
to 13:00
to 02:00
Forensic Audio Clarification - a hands on workshop for beginners
David Notowitz, Founder, National Center for Audio and Video Forensics (NCAVF)
Mr. Notowitz is an Emmy award winning producer and multi-faceted video and
audio evidence expert. His past specialties include commercial, feature film, and
event video production. In 1986 he started Notowitz Productions and produced
daily segments for the Financial News Network (since bought by CNBC). Mr.
Notowitz created NCAVF, the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics, and
has worked as a forensic audio and video expert on many cases assisting police
officers, private detectives, insurance investigators, district attorneys, public
defenders, and corporate attorneys with cases across California and the country.
His evidence analysis has provided assistance to attorneys involved in criminal and
civil litigation, federal and state cases, and with plaintiff, prosecution, and defense.
A few of the largest corporate clients include Kroger, Target, Home Depot,
PetSmart, and McDonalds.
13:0002:00Avoiding Burnout At The Digital Forensics Coalface: Law Enforcement Workplace

Strategies For Managing Job-related Stress
Sally Kelty (University of Canberra)
13:3002:30The challenges of mobile forensics education for law enforcement

Georgina Humphries, Rune Nordvik (Norwegian Police University College), Harry
Manifavas (ICS-FORTH), Phil Cobley (MSAB), Matthew Sorell (University of
14:0003:00Teaching the Next Generation of Cyber Sleuths: Introducing Digital Forensic Science

in Secondary School to Advance Career Readiness and Digital Citizenship
Daryl Pfeif, Eoghan Casey, Casey Soden, Karen Peterson (Digital Forensics Solutions
/ Cyber Sleuth Labs, National Girls Collaborative Project)

Where to from here?
15:0004:00CNN Based Zero-day Malware Detection Using Small Binary Segments

Wen Qiaokun, KP Chow (University of Hong Kong)
15:3004:30Monitoring An Anonymity Network: Toward The Deanonymization Of Hidden

Marco Simioni, Pavel Gladyshev, Babak Habibnia (University College Dublin)
16:0005:00Short Papers (Q&A panel)
16:3005:30Short Papers (Q&A panel)
17:0006:00Rodeo update

Friday, January 29, 2021

AEDST (Sydney)UTCEvent

Extracting Evidence from Damaged Devices
Steven Watson
10:0023:00-1Birds of a Feather – Breakout Room Leader Pitches
10:1523:15-1Birds of a Feather
11:1500:15Birds of a Feather – Observations
11:3000:30Forensic Analysis Of Refs Journaling

Doowon Jeong, Seonho Lee, Jungheum Park, Hyunuk Hwang, Sangjin Lee (Korea
12:0001:00WhatsApp Communication Forensics

Nhien-An Le-Khac (University College London), Dennis Wijnberg (National High
Tech Crime Unit)
13`:0002:00Short Papers (Q&A)
13:3002:30Short Papers (Q&A)
14:0003:00Unsupervised insider threat prediction scheme through joint optimization for

proactive forensic investigation
Yichen Wei, Siu Ming Yiu (University of Hong Kong), K P Chow (Hong Kong
14:3003:30A Contemporary Investigation Of Ntfs File Fragmentation

Vincent van der Meer (Zuyd University of Applied Science), Hugo Jonker (Open
University), Jeroen van den Bos (Netherlands Forensic Insitute)
15:0004:00TraceGen: User Activity Emulation Framework for Digital Forensic Test

Image Generation
Xiaoyu Du, Chris Hargreaves, John Sheppard and Mark Scanlon (University College
15:3004:30Awards and Conclusions

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