Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
Audit Data Reduction Using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines DFRWS USA 2002 Srinivas Mukkamala and Andrew Sung (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
Automatic Reassembly of Document Fragments via Data Compression DFRWS USA 2002 Kulesh Shanmugasundaram (Polytechnic University)
Can Digital Evidence Endure the Test of Time DFRWS USA 2002 Michael Duren and Chet Hosmer (WetStone Technologies, Inc)
Confronting Encryption in Computer Investigations DFRWS USA 2002 Eoghan Casey, Ph.D. (Yale University)
Defining Digital Forensic Examination and Analysis Tools DFRWS USA 2002 Brian Carrier, Ph.D. (@stake)
Language and Gender Author Cohort Analysis of E-mail for Computer Forensics DFRWS USA 2002 Olivier de Vel, Malcolm Corney, Alison Anderson, and George Mohay (Queensland University of Technology)
Steganalysis with a Computational Immune System DFRWS USA 2002 Jacob Jackson, Gregg Gunsch, Roger Claypoole, and Gary Lamont (Air Force Institute of Technology)
Testing Disk Imaging Tools DFRWS USA 2002 James Lyle (NIST)
The International Journal of Digital Evidence DFRWS USA 2002 Gary Gordon and John Leeson
A Lessons Learned Repository for Computer Forensics DFRWS USA 2002 Warren Harrison (Portland State University), George Heuston (Hillsboro Police Department), Mark Morrissey (Portland State University), David Aucsmith (Intel Corporation), Sarah Mocas (Portland State University), and Steve Russelle (Portland Police Bureau)
Analyzing the Difficulties in Backtracking the Onion Router’s Traffic DFRWS USA 2002 Dario Forte (Guardia di finanza Milano)
First Responders Evidence Disk DFRWS USA 2002 Jesse Kornblum (AFOSI)
The Mobile Forensic Platform DFRWS USA 2002 Frank Adelstein, Ph.D. (ATC-NY)