Authors: Georgina Humphries (Norwegian Police University College), Rune Nordvik (Norwegian Police University College), Harry Manifavas (ICS-FORTH), Phil Cobley (MSAB), and Matthew Sorell (University of Adelaide)



Training, tools, and standards are important foundations of mobile forensics. This work focuses on existing curricula and courses in the domain of mobile forensics. In order to identify courses in areas of computing where mobile forensics may be offered, this research utilises open source information gathering, in addition to questionnaire and interviews, to capture additional information and the views and experiences of educators and/or trainers. This research finds that current education and training offerings mainly include topics regarding acquisition of mobile devices and analysis of the acquired data. Current education and training do not cover the areas of a complete mobile forensic investigation, from crime scene to court.

In addition, trainer opinions on skills shortages include the lack of basic knowledge, generic skills in forensics and investigation, lack of skilled practitioners, and necessary mindsets to critically think, investigate and avoid dependency on Digital Forensic software.

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