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Schedule of Events

Monday, July 11
1115Keynote: Matt Mitchell (Crypto Harlem)
1215Paper Session 1: Memory forensics
Memory Analysis of .NET and .Net Core ApplicationsModhuparna Manna (Louisiana State University), Andrew Case (Volatility Foundation), Aisha Ali-Gombe (Towson University) and Golden Richard (Louisiana State University)
Juicing V8: A Primary Account for the Memory Forensics of the V8 JavaScript EngineEnoch Wang (University of New Haven), Samuel Zurowski (University of New Haven), Orion Duffy (University of New Haven), Tyler Thomas (University of New Haven), and Ibrahim Baggili (University of New Haven)
1415Paper Session 2: Similarity Hashing
FRASHER -- A Framework for Automated Evaluation of Similarity HashingThomas Göbel (Universität der Bundeswehr München), Frieder Uhlig (Technical University Darmstadt), Harald Baier (Universität der Bundeswehr München) and Frank Breitinger (University of Lausanne)
ssdeeper: Evaluating and Improving ssdeepCarlo Jakobs (Fraunhofer FKIE), Martin Lambertz (Fraunhofer FKIE), and Jan-Niclas Hilgert (Fraunhofer FKIE)
1545Presentation Session 1
Tuesday, July 12
1115Keynote: Samuel Cava (Multimedia Exploitation Unit, FBI)
1215Paper Session 3: Application Forensics
Alt-Tech Social Forensics: Forensic Analysis of Alternative Social Networking ApplicationsHailey Johnson (University of New Haven), Karl Volk (University of New Haven), Robert Serafin (University of New Haven), Cinthya Grajeda-Mendez and Ibrahim Baggili (University of New Haven)
Forensic Investigation of Instant Messaging Services on Linux OS: Discord and Slack as Case Studies Megan Davis (Virginia Commonwealth University), Bridget McInnes (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Irfan Ahmed (Virginia Commonwealth University)
1415Paper Session 4: Live and Static System Analysis
Live System Call Trace Reconstruction on LinuxThanh Nguyen (Nvidia), Meni Orenbach (Nvidia), and Ahmad Atamli (Nvidia)
KVMIveggur: Flexible, secure, and efficient support for self-service virtual machine introspectionStewart Sentanoe (University of Passau), Thomas Dangl (University of Passau), and Hans P. Reiser (University of Passau)
LibDroid: Summarizing information flow of Android Native Libraries via Static Analysis Chen Shi (Iowa State University), Chris Chao-Chun Cheng (Iowa State University), and Yong Guan (Iowa State University)
1600Presentation Session 2:
Wednesday, July 13
1000Workshop: Leveling Up with YARA! by Tom Lancaster (3 hours)
1030Workshop: CASEWorks! by Eoghan Casey and Alex Nelson (2 hours)
1400Paper Session 5: Multimedia Forensics
Digital Forensics-AI: on Explainability and Interpretability of Evidence Mining TechniquesAbiodun Abdullahi Solanke (University of Bologna)
Ambiguous File System PartitionsJanine Schneider (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Maximilian Eichhorn (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), and Felix Freiling (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
1530Paper Session 6: Multimedia Forensics
Deepfake Noise Investigation and Detection Tianyi Wang (University of Hong Kong), Ming Liu (Qilu University of Technology), Wei Cao (Qilu University of Technology), and Kam Pui Chow (University of Hong Kong)
BlackFeather: A framework for Background Noise ForensicsQi Li (University of Guelph), Giuliano Sovernigo (University of Guelph), and Xiaodong Lin (University of Guelph)
1630Best paper announcement / closing remarks
1715Birds of a Feather Session 2
Thursday, July 14
1100Workshop: Performing Linux Forensic Analysis and Why You Should Care by Ali Hadi, Mariam Khader (4 hours)Workshop: Velociraptor - Digging deeper by Michael Cohen (4 hours)
1600DFRWS 2023 Open Planning Meeting