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Bringing Science to Digital Forensics with Standardized Forensic Corpora DFRWS USA 2009 Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D. (U.S. Census Bureau), Paul Farrell, Vassil Roussev, Ph.D. (University of New Orleans), George Dinolt
Computer Forensic Timeline Visualization Tool DFRWS USA 2009 Jens Olsson, Martin Boldt
DEX – Digital Evidence Provenance Supporting Reproducibility and Comparison DFRWS USA 2009 Brian Levine (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Marc Liberatore (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
DIALOG – A Framework for Modeling, Analysis and Reuse of Digital Forensic Knowledge DFRWS USA 2009 Damir Kahvedzic, Tahar Kechadi
Extending the Advanced Forensic Format to accommodate Multiple Data Sources, Logical Evidence, Arbitrary Information and Forensic Workflow DFRWS USA 2009 Michael Cohen (Google), Simson Garfinkel, Ph.D. (U.S. Census Bureau), Bradley Schatz, Ph.D. (Schatz Forensic)
Identification and Recovery of JPEG Files with Missing Fragments DFRWS USA 2009 Husrev Sencar, Nasir Memon (NYU Tandon School of Engineering)
Lessons Learned from the Construction of a Korean Software Reference Data Set for Digital Forensics DFRWS USA 2009 Sangseo Park, Cheolwon Lee, Sungjai Baek
Teleporter – An Analytically and Forensically Sound Duplicate Transfer System DFRWS USA 2009 Kathryn Watkins, Mike McWhorter, Jeff Long, William Hill
The Persistence of Memory РForensic Identification and Extraction of Cryptographic Keys DFRWS USA 2009 Carsten Maartmann-Moe, André Årnes (Norwegian University of Technology and Science), Steffen Thorkildsen
A Novel Time-Memory Trade-Off Method for Password Recovery DFRWS USA 2009 Hwei-Ming Ying
A Second Generation Computer Forensic Analysis System DFRWS USA 2009 Daniel Ayers
Digital Forensic Implications of ZFS DFRWS USA 2009 Nicole Beebe, Ph.D. (UTSA), Sonia Mandes, and Dane Stuckey
Extraction of Forensically Sensitive Information from Windows Physical Memory DFRWS USA 2009 Seyed Mahmood Hejazi, Chamseddine Talhi, and Mourad Debbabi (Concordia University)
Using ShellBag Information to Reconstruct User Activities DFRWS USA 2009 Yuandong Zhu, Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D. (University College Dublin), and Joshua James (University College Dublin)
Validation And Verification Of Computer Forensic Software Tools-Searching Function DFRWS USA 2009 Yinghua Guo, Jill Slay (La Trobe University), and Jason Beckett