06 - Sep 2023

DFRWS APAC Welcomes 3 Keynote Speakers to Its 2023 Conference

The Digital Forensic Research Workshop is excited to announce three keynotes for its 2023 Asia Pacific region edition! We’ll hear a diverse array of perspectives both technical and procedural in nature:

Reverse Engineering Hardware

Best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as for his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware, Studio Kosagi’s Andrew “bunnie” Huang will speak about the challenges of reverse engineering today’s ever more complicated and obfuscated hardware ecosystems. On a practical level, reverse engineering blends metrology with human intelligence, and Huang’s keynote will additionally discuss some historical approaches to the task.

Future Challenges in Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigations from a Prosecutor’s Perspective

Digital technology creates significant opportunities and challenges for the prosecution of criminal cases. Thomas Goger, Deputy Director of the Bavarian Central Office for the Prosecution of Cybercrime, will explore the complex interplay between forensic science and evolving technology in the context of evidence gathering, courtroom proceedings, and jury perceptions.

In particular, Goger will focus on how legal professionals can ensure justice while mitigating risk through understanding issues around privacy, verifiability, and the potential for technological bias.

Streamlining Digital Forensics

The ecosystems built by Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others allow for user data to be synced across device form factors, platforms and operating systems. This synchronization makes it simultaneously easier and more difficult for digital forensic examiners to access and analyse data.

Tuan Liang Lim, Director (Digital & Information Forensics) in Singapore’s newly formed Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTX), will explore how a streamlined approach involving automation, standardisation, and collaboration can improve investigative efficiency and case results, even with higher data volumes.

Dates and times for these keynote sessions will be provided in our program. Register for the conference here.