Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
The Future of Inter-Tool Functionality and Informational Resources via CASE and UCO DFRWS USA 2020 Cory Hall, CASE
Transitioning from Python to Rust for Forensic Tool Creation DFRWS USA 2020 Matthew Seyer, KPMG
A Forensic Analysis of Micromobility Solutions DFRWS APAC 2021 Jan-Niclas Hilgert (Fraunhofer FKIE), Martin Lambertz (Fraunhofer FKIE), Ann-Mariya Mateyna (Fraunhofer FKIE), and Alina Hakoupian (University of Bonn)
Your Car Is Recording: Metadata-driven Dashcam Analysis System DFRWS APAC 2021 Kukheon Lee (Korea University), Jong-Hyun Choi (Korea University), Jungheum Park (Korea University), and Sangjin Lee (Korea University)
Forensic Analysis for AI Speaker with Display Echo Show 2nd Generation as a Case Study DFRWS APAC 2021 Min-A Youn (Korea University), Yirang Lim (Korea University), Kangyoun Seo (Korea University), Hyunji Chung, and Sangjin Lee (Korea University)
Avoiding Burnout at the Digital Forensics Coalface: Targeted Strategies for Forensic Agencies in the Management of Job-related Stress DFRWS APAC 2021 Sally Kelty (University of Canberra), Emma McQueen (University of Canberra), Carly Pymont (University of Canberra), and Nathan Green (Australian Federal Police)
Law Enforcement educational challenges for mobile forensics DFRWS APAC 2021 Georgina Humphries (Norwegian Police University College), Rune Nordvik (Norwegian Police University College), Harry Manifavas (ICS-FORTH), Phil Cobley (MSAB), and Matthew Sorell (University of Adelaide)
Identifying interception possibilities for WhatsApp communication DFRWS APAC 2021 Dennis Wijnberg (National Police of the Netherlands) and Nhien-An Le-Khac (University College Dublin)
Monitoring an anonymity network: toward the deanonymization of hidden services DFRWS APAC 2021 Marco Simioni (University College Dublin), Pavel Gladyshev (University College Dublin), Babak Habibnia (University College Dublin), and Paulo Roberto Nunes de Souza (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo)
IoT network traffic analysis: opportunities and challenges for forensic investigators? DFRWS APAC 2021 Tina Wu (University of Oxford), Frank Breitinger (University of Liechtenstein), and Stephen Niemann (University of Liechtenstein)
TraceGen: User Activity Emulation for Digital Forensic Test Image Generation DFRWS APAC 2021 Xiaoyu Du (University College Dublin), Chris Hargreaves (University of Oxford), John Sheppard (Waterford Institute of Technology), and Mark Scanlon (University College Dublin)
A Contemporary Investigation Of NTFS File Fragmentation DFRWS APAC 2021 Vincent van der Meer (Zuyd University of Applied Science), Hugo Jonker (Open University of the Netherlands), and Jeroen van den Bos (Netherlands Forensic Institute)
Forensic Analysis Of ReFS Journaling DFRWS APAC 2021 Seonho Lee (The Affiliated Institute of ETRI), Jungheum Park (Korea University), Hyunuk Hwang (The Affiliated Institute of ETRI), Seungyoung Lee (The Affiliated Institute of ETRI), Sangjin Lee (Korea University), and Doowon Jeong (Dongguk University)
CNN Based Zero-day Malware Detection Using Small Binary Segments DFRWS APAC 2021 Wen Qiaokun (University of Hong Kong) and KP Chow (University of Hong Kong)
Insider Threat Prediction Based on Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Scheme for Proactive Forensic Investigation DFRWS APAC 2021 Yichen Wei (University of Hong Kong), Kam-Pui P Chow (University of Hong Kong), and Siu-Ming Yiu (University of Hong Kong)
A Novel Adversarial Example Detection Method for Malicious PDFs Using Multiple Mutated Classifiers DFRWS APAC 2021 Chao Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Chenzhe Lou (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Min Yu (Chinese Academic of Sciences), SM Yiu (University of Hong Kong), KP Chow (University of Hong Kong), Gang Li (Deakin University), and Jianguo Jiang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Forensic Audio Clarification – a hands on workshop for beginners DFRWS APAC 2021 David Notowitz
Dead Man’s Switch: Forensic Autopsy of the Nintendo Switch DFRWS EU 2021 Frederick Barr-Smith, Danny Rigby, Sash Rigby, Tom Farrant, Benjamin Leonard-Lagarde and Frederick Sibley-Calder
A generalized approach to automotive forensics DFRWS EU 2021 Kevin Klaus Gomez Buquerin, Christopher Corbett, and Hans-Joachim Hof
Ghost protocol – Snapchat as a method of surveillance DFRWS EU 2021 Richard Matthews, Kieren Lovell and Matthew Sorell
One key to rule them all: Recovering the master key from RAM to break Android’s file-based encryption DFRWS EU 2021 Tobias Groß, Marcel Busch and Tilo Müller
Developing an IoT forensic methodology. A concept proposal DFRWS EU 2021 Juan Manuel Castelo Gómez, Javier Carrillo Mondéjar, José Roldán Gómez and José Luis Martínez Martínez
A comparative study of support vector machine and neural networks for file type identification using n-gram analysis DFRWS EU 2021 Joachim Sester, Darren Hayes, Mark Scanlon and Nhien-An Le-Khac
Bringing order to approximate matching: Classification and attacks on similarity digest algorithms DFRWS EU 2021 Miguel Martín-Pérez, Ricardo J. Rodríguez and Frank Breitinger
Vec2UAge: Enhancing underage age estimation performance through facial embeddings DFRWS EU 2021 Felix Anda, Edward Dixon, Elias Bou-Harb, Nhien-An Le-Khac and Mark Scanlon
Forensic Analysis of Artifacts in the Matrix Protocol and Riot.IM application DFRWS EU 2021 Guido Schipper, Rudy Seelt and Nhien-An Le-Khac
Phishing detection on tor hidden services DFRWS EU 2021 Martin Steinebach
Selective imaging of file system data on live systems DFRWS EU 2021 Fabian Faust, Aurélien Thierry, Tilo Müller and Felix Freiling
In Search of Lost Data: A Study of Flash Sanitization Practices DFRWS EU 2021 Janine Schneider, Immanuel Lautner, Denise Moussa, Julian Wolf, Nicole Scheler, Felix Freiling, Jaap Haasnoot, Hans Henseler, Simon Malik, Holger Morgenstern and Martin Westman
Bringing Forensic Readiness to Modern Computer Firmware DFRWS EU 2021 Tobias Latzo, Florian Hantke, Lukas Kotschi and Felix Freiling