Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
On The Database Lookup Problem Of Approximate Matching DFRWS EU 2014 Frank Breitinger (University of New Haven), Harald Baier (University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt), and Douglas White (NIST)
Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind – Traces Of Nearby Devices’ Wireless Transmissions In Volatile Memory DFRWS EU 2014 Wicher Minnaard
Papers & Presentations
Ka-Chow!!! Driving Android Auto Joshua Hickman
Extreme Damaged Devices DFRWS USA 2019 Steve Watson (VTO Labs)
School Cyber Risk & Challenges for Community Oriented Policing, Crime Prevention, and Investigations DFRWS USA 2019 Nicholas Dubois
Women: The future of forensic computing?! DFRWS USA 2019 Felix Freiling (Friedrich-Alexander-University) and Dr. Katrin Franke
Forensic Intelligence Workshop DFRWS EU 2019 Mark Scanlon, Ph.D. (University College Dublin), Dr. Katrin Franke, and Zeno Geradts (Netherlands Forensic Institute)