Paper | Presentation Conference Downloads Author
How To Search Extracted Data DFRWS EU 2015 Javier Collado (NowSecure, Inc)
On Criteria for Evaluating Similarity Digest Schemes DFRWS EU 2015 Jonathan Oliver (TrendMicro)
The Evidence Project – Bridging The Gap In The Exchange Of Digital Evidence Across Europe DFRWS EU 2015 Fabrizio Turchi (Italian National Research Council), Maria Angela Biasiotti, and Mattia Epifani
Tor Forensics on Windows OS DFRWS EU 2015 Mattia Epifani (ITTIG - CNR), Marco Scarito, Francesco Picasso (Reality Net)
A Scalable File Based Data Store For Forensic Analysis DFRWS EU 2015 Flavio Cruz (Carnegie Mellon University), Andreas Moser (Google), and Michael Cohen (Google)
Acquisition and Analysis of Compromised Firmware Using Memory Forensics DFRWS EU 2015 Johannes Stüttgen, Stefan Voemel, and Michael Denzel (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Characterization Of The Windows Kernel Version Variability For Accurate Memory Analysis DFRWS EU 2015 Michael Cohen (Google)
Designing Robustness and Resilience in Digital Investigation Laboratories DFRWS EU 2015 Philipp Amann (European Cybercrime Centre) and Joshua James (Digital Forensic Investigation Research Laboratory)
Fast Contraband Detection In Large Capacity Disk Drives DFRWS EU 2015 Phil Penrose, William Buchanan, and Richard Macfarlane (Edinburgh Napier University)
Forensic Analysis of a Sony PlayStation 4 – A First Look DFRWS EU 2015 Allen Davies (Sytech Digital Forensics), Huw Read (University of South Wales and Noroff University College), Konstantinos Xynos (University of South Wales), and Iain Sutherland (Noroff University College)
Hviz HTTP(S) Traffic Aggregation and Visualization for Network Forensics DFRWS EU 2015 David Gugelmann (ETH Zurich), Fabian Gasser (ETH Zurich), Bernhard Ager (ETH Zurich), and Vincent Lenders (Armasuisse)
Investigating Evidence of Mobile Phone Usage by Drivers in Road Traffic Accidents DFRWS EU 2015 Graeme Horsman and Lynne Conniss (Northumbria University)
Leveraging CybOX to Standardize Representation and Exchange of Digital Forensic Information DFRWS EU 2015 Eoghan Casey, Ph.D. (The MITRE Corporation), Greg Back (The MITRE Corporation), and Sean Barnum (The MITRE Corporation)
SIGMA – A Semantic Integrated Graph Matching Approach For Identifying Reused Functions In Binary Code DFRWS EU 2015 Saed Alrabaee (Concordia University), Paria Shirani, Lingyu Wang (Concordia University), and Mourad Debbabi (Concordia University)
Smart TV Forensics – Digital Traces On Televisions DFRWS EU 2015 Abdul Boztas, Remko Riethoven, and Mark Roeloffs (Netherlands Forensic Institute)
Spam Campaign Detection, Analysis, and Investigation DFRWS EU 2015 Son Dinh (NCFTA Canada & Concordia University), Taher Azeb (NCFTA Canada & Concordia University), Francis Fortin (University de Montreal), Djedjiga Mouheb (NCFTA Canada & Concordia University), and Mourad Debbabi (NCFTA Canada & Concordia University)
Automated Evaluation Of Approximate Matching Algorithms On Real Data DFRWS EU 2014 Frank Breitinger (University of New Haven), Vassil Roussev, Ph.D. (University of New Orleans)
BitTorrent Sync – First Impressions and Digital Forensic Implications DFRWS EU 2014 Jason Farina, Mark Scanlon, Ph.D. (University College Dublin), Tahar Kechadi
Digital Forensics as a Service – a Game Changer DFRWS EU 2014 Ruud van Baar, Harm van Beek (Netherlands Forensic Institute), Erwin van Eijk (Netherlands Forensic Institute)
Fast Indexing Strategies for Robust Image Hashes DFRWS EU 2014 Christian Winter, Martin Steinebach, York Yannikos
Forensic Analysis of Video File Formats DFRWS EU 2014 Thomas Gloe (dence), Andre Fischer, Matthias Kirchner (Binghamton University)
Key-Hiding On The ARM Platform DFRWS EU 2014 Alexander Nilsson, Marcus Andersson, Stefan Axelsson (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
OpenLV – Empowering Investigators and First-Responders in the Digital Forensics Process DFRWS EU 2014 Brian Kaplan, Matthew Geiger (Qintel)
Practical Use of Approximate Hash Based Matching in Digital Investigations DFRWS EU 2014 Petter Christian Bjelland, André Årnes (Norwegian University of Technology and Science), Katrin Franke (Norwegian University of Technology and Science)
Robust Linux Memory Acquisition with Minimal Target Impact DFRWS EU 2014 Johannes Stuettgen, Michael Cohen (Google)
Windows Surface RT Tablet Forensics DFRWS EU 2014 Asif Iqbal (Athena Labs and Zayed University), Hanan Alobaidli (Athena Labs), Andrew Marrington (Zayed University), and Andy Jones (Edith Crowan University and University of South Australia)
Information Assurance In A Distributed Forensic Cluster DFRWS EU 2014 Nicholas Pringle and Mikhaila Burgess
OBA2 – An Onion Approach to Binary Code Authorship Attribution DFRWS EU 2014 Saed Alrabaee (Concordia University), Noman Saleem, Stere Preda, Lingyo Wang, and Mourad Debbabi (Concordia University)
On The Database Lookup Problem Of Approximate Matching DFRWS EU 2014 Frank Breitinger (University of New Haven), Harald Baier (University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt), and Douglas White (NIST)
Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind – Traces Of Nearby Devices’ Wireless Transmissions In Volatile Memory DFRWS EU 2014 Wicher Minnaard