Paper | PresentationConferenceDownloadsAuthor
SaaS Forensics and ResponseDFRWS USA 2023 Eoghan Casey
Wearables and Health Data WorkshopDFRWS APAC 2023Professor Matthew Sorell, CTO, Digital Forensic Sciences Australia Pty Ltd; Dusan Kozusnik, managing director at Compelson; and Luke Jennings, PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide.
Forensic Insights from Electromagnetic RadiationDFRWS APAC 2023Dr. Asanka P. Sayakkara and Prof. Kasun de Zoysa from the Centre for Digital Forensics (CDF), University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka.
LLMs: Prompt Engineering and Retrieval Augmented Generation for Digital ForensicsDFRWS APAC 2023 Hans Henseler, University of Applied Sciences Leiden and Netherlands Forensic Institute, Netherlands; Kwok-Yan Lam, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Victor C.W. Cheng, TAU Express Pte Ltd, Singapore; and Zee Kin Yeong, Singapore Academy of Law, Singapore.
Understanding Software IP and Detecting IP TheftDFRWS APAC 2023Bob Zeidman, President of Zeidman Consulting
Dark Web Monitoring for a Safer CyberspaceDFRWS APAC 2023Mr. Thomas Goger, Deputy Director of the Bavarian Central Office for the Prosecution of Cybercrime; and Dr. Mark Van Staalduinen, Managing Director of CFLW Cyber Strategies.
Introduction to Drone ForensicsDFRWS APAC 2023Christopher Church, INTERPOL Digital Forensics Laboratory, INTERPOL Innovation Centre, Singapore
An abstract model for digital forensic analysis tools – A foundation for systematic error mitigation analysisDFRWS EU 2024 Christopher Hargreaves, Alex Nelson, Eoghan Casey
ChatGPT, Llama, can you write my report? An experiment on assisted digital forensics reports written using (local) large language modelsDFRWS EU 2024 Gaetan Michelet, Frank Breitinger
DFRWS EU 10-year review and future directions in Digital Forensic ResearchDFRWS EU 2024 Frank Breitinger, Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Christopher Hargreaves, John Sheppard, Rebekah Overdorf, Mark Scanlon
Ensuring cross-device portability of electromagnetic side-channel analysis for digital forensicsDFRWS EU 2024 Lojenaa Navanesan, Nhien-An Le-Khac, Mark Scanlon, Kasun De Zoysa, Asanka P. Sayakkara
Exploiting RPMB authentication in a closed source TEE implementationDFRWS EU 2024 Aya Fukami, Richard Buurke, Zeno Geradts
FAIRness in digital forensics datasets’ metadata – and how to improve itDFRWS EU 2024 Samuele Mombelli, James R. Lyle, Frank Breitinger
Forensic implications of stacked file systemsDFRWS EU 2024 Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Martin Lambertz, Daniel Baier
Grand theft API: A forensic analysis of vehicle cloud dataDFRWS EU 2024 Simon Ebbers, Stefan Gense, Mouad Bakkouch, Felix Freiling, Sebastian Schinzel
Hypervisor-based data synthesis: On its potential to tackle the curse of client-side agent remnants in forensic image generationDFRWS EU 2024 Dennis Wolf, Thomas Göbel, Harald Baier
PHASER: Perceptual hashing algorithms evaluation and results – An open source forensic frameworkDFRWS EU 2024 Sean McKeown, Peter Aaby, Andreas Steyven
Problem solved: A reliable, deterministic method for JPEG fragmentation point detectionDFRWS EU 2024 Vincent van der Meer, Jeroen van den Bos, Hugo Jonker, Laurent Dassen
So fresh, so clean: Cloud forensic analysis of the Amazon iRobot Roomba vacuumDFRWS EU 2024 Abdur Rahman Onik, Ruba Alsmadi, Ibrahim Baggili, Andrew M. Webb
Ubi est indicium? On forensic analysis of the UBI file systemDFRWS EU 2024 Matthias Deutschmann, Harald Baier
WARNE: A stalkerware evidence collection toolDFRWS EU 2024 Philippe Mangeard, Bhaskar Tejaswi, Mohammad Mannan, Amr Youssef
Well Played, Suspect! – Forensic examination of the handheld gaming console “Steam Deck”DFRWS EU 2024 Maximilian Eichhorn, Janine Schneider, Gaston Pugliese
Nyon Unchained: Forensic Analysis of Bosch’s eBike Board ComputersDFRWS EU 2024 Marcel Stachak, Julian Geus, Gaston Pugliese and Felix Freiling
About the applicability of Apache2 web server memory forensicsDFRWS APAC 2023 Jan-Niclas Hilgert, Roman Schell, Carlo Jakobs, Martin Lambertz
Analyzing the peeling chain patterns on the Bitcoin blockchainDFRWS APAC 2023 Yanan Gong, Kam Pui Chow, Siu Ming Yiu, Hing Fung Ting
Bike computer forensics: An efficient and robust method for FIT file recoveryDFRWS APAC 2023 Kwangkeun Song, Dongbin Oh
Busting up Monopoly: Methods for modern darknet marketplace forensicsDFRWS APAC 2023 Daniel Dolejška, Michal Koutenský, Vladimír Veselý, Jan Pluskal
ChatGPT for digital forensic investigation: The good, the bad, and the unknownDFRWS APAC 2023 Mark Scanlon, Frank Breitinger, Christopher Hargreaves, Jan-Niclas Hilgert, John Sheppard
Chracer: Memory analysis of Chromium-based browsersDFRWS APAC 2023 Geunyeong Choi, Jewan Bang, Sangjin Lee, Jungheum Park
Data remnants analysis of document files in Windows: Microsoft 365 as a case studyDFRWS APAC 2023 Jihun Joun, Sangjin Lee, Jungheum Park