Paper | PresentationConferenceDownloadsAuthor
A likelihood ratio approach for the evaluation of single point device locationsDFRWS EU 2023 Hannes Spichiger
Towards generic memory forensic framework for programmable logic controllersDFRWS EU 2023 Rima Asmar Awad, Muhammad Haris Rais, Michael Rogers, Irfan Ahmed, Vincent Paquit
Forensic method for decrypting TPM-protected BitLocker volumes using Intel DCIDFRWS EU 2023 Matheus Bichara de Assumpção, Marcelo Abdalla dos Reis , Marcos Roberto Marcondes , Pedro Monteiro da Silva Eleutério , Victor Hugo Vieira
Analysis of real-time operating systems’ file systems: Built-in cameras from vehiclesDFRWS EU 2023 Jung-Hwan Lee, Bum-Su Hyeon, Oc-Yeub Jeon, Nam In Park
Contamination of digital evidence: Understanding an underexposed riskDFRWS EU 2023 Jan Gruber, Christopher J. Hargreaves, Felix C. Freiling
Discovering spoliation of evidence through identifying traces on deleted files in macOSDFRWS EU 2023 Jihun Joun, Sangjin Lee, Jungheum Park
Database memory forensics: A machine learning approach to reverse-engineer query activityDFRWS EU 2023 Mahfuzul I. Nissan, James Wagner, Sharmin Aktar
Interpreting the location data extracted from the Apple Health databaseDFRWS EU 2023 Luke Jennings, Matthew Sorell, Hugo G. Espinosa
Formal Verification of Necessary and Sufficient Evidence in Forensic Event ReconstructionDFRWS EU 2023 Jan Gruber, Merlin Humml, Lutz Schröder and Felix C. Freiling
Learning Linux Forensic Analysis and Why it MattersDFRWS USA 2023 Ali Hadi and Mariam Khader
Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Digital ForensicsDFRWS USA 2023 Kostadin Damevski, Irfan Ahmed, Mia Mohammad Imran, Hala Ali
Ransomware Simulations: Hands-on Case StudiesDFRWS USA 2023 Ali Hadi and Mariam Khader
Providing digital forensics as a service with code notebooksDFRWS USA 2023 Harm Van Beek (Netherlands Forensic Institute), Quintin Walters (MITRE) & Mattijs Ugen (Netherlands Forensic Institute)
As if Time Had Stopped – Checking Memory Dumps for Quasi-Instantaneous ConsistencyDFRWS USA 2023 Jenny Ottmann, Üsame Cengiz, Frank Breitinger, Felix Freiling
Systematic Evaluation of Forensic Data Acquisition using Smartphone Local BackupDFRWS USA 2023 Julian Geus, Jenny Ottmann, Felix Freiling
Windows memory forensics: Identification of (malicious) modifications in memory-mapped image filesDFRWS USA 2023 Frank Block
Database memory forensics: Identifying cache patterns for log verificationDFRWS USA 2023 James Wagner, Mahfuzul I. Nissan, Alexander Rasin
Using relational graphs for exploratory analysis of network traffic dataDFRWS USA 2023 Milan Cermak, Tatiana Fritzová, Vít Rusňák, Denisa Sramkova
PREE: Heuristic builder for reverse engineering of network protocols in industrial control systemsDFRWS USA 2023 Syed Ali Qasim, Wooyeon Jo, Irfan Ahmed
A study on cloud data access through browser credential migration in Windows environmentDFRWS USA 2023 Uk Hur, Soojin Kang, Giyoon Kim, Jongsung Kim
IoT forensics: Analysis of a HIKVISION’s mobile appDFRWS USA 2023 Evangelos Dragonas, Costas Lambrinoudakis, Michael Kotsis
Dashcam forensic investigation guidelinesDFRWS USA 2023 Harjinder Singh Lallie
Improving trace synthesis by utilizing computer vision for user action emulationDFRWS USA 2023 Lukas Schmidt, Sebastian Kortmann, Thomas Hupperich
Expanding digital forensics education with artifact curation and scalable, accessible exercises via the Artifact Genome ProjectDFRWS USA 2023 Cinthya Grajeda, Jessica Berrios, Sankofa Benzo, Emmanuel Ogunwobi, Ibrahim Baggili
Sharing datasets for digital forensic: A novel taxonomy and legal concernsDFRWS USA 2023 Frank Breitinger, Alexandre Jotterand
Combining AI and AM – Improving approximate matching through transformer networksDFRWS USA 2023 Frieder Uhlig, Lukas Struppek, Dominik Hintersdorf, Thomas Göbel, Harald Baier, Kristian Kersting
cRGB_Mem: At the intersection of memory forensics and machine learningDFRWS USA 2023 Aisha Ali-Gombe, Sneha Sudhakaran, Ramyapandian Vijayakanthan, Golden G. Richard III
Every step you take, I’ll be tracking you: Forensic analysis of the tile tracker applicationDFRWS USA 2023 Lauren R. Pace, LaSean A. Salmon, Christopher J. Bowen, Ibrahim Baggili, Golden G. Richard III
Factorizing 2FA: Forensic analysis of two-factor authentication applicationsDFRWS USA 2023 Jessica Berrios, Elias Mosher, Sankofa Benzo, Cinthya Grajeda, Ibrahim Baggili
The Remapped / Reallocated Sector Conundrum – Why are remapped sectors important?DFRWS USA 2023 Philip Turner